Coperni launches a new campaign for the Spring/Summer 2024 collection featuring captivating looks inspired by the classics. Driven by a unique creative outlook, the brand introduces a new approach to the minimalistic design of timeless beauty. From tailored suits to exaggerated off-shoulder looks, the futuristic appearance meets the elevated basics. This brilliant fusion blending sophisticated and refined elements with everyday essentials takes the fashion world by storm.

The campaign’s background reflects the aesthetics of a futuristic film set while focusing on explicitly created pieces. While the large-sized shoulder bags are combined with elegant black jumpsuits, the timeless maxi-length black dress is paired with a micro bag. The off-shoulder corset is unexpectedly converted into a metal look in an eye-catching golden shimmer.

Photographer KARIM SADLI @karimsadli
Creative KEVIN TEKINEL & CHARLES LEVAI @kevintekinel & @charleslevai
Stylist HELENA TEJEDOR @helenatejedor
Hair STEPHANE LANCIEN @stephanelancien
Makeup CHRISTELLE COCQUET @christellecocquet
Nails MARIE ROSA @marierosa
Set design VINCENT OLIVERI @vincentolivieri_