“Feel Alive”, Cool TM’s Fall-Winter 2022-23 collection, is a crazy and maximal modern poetry, questioning the borders of the real and the unreal, of the human and the machine, of nature and screen. A clever mix of heterogeneous pieces in which streetwear and couture telescope like two speeding cars.

As usual, the Cool TM wardrobe is designed to mix and match, in a game of layering and possibilities that gives real freedom to those who assume contrasts and unusual combinations.
“Finding oneself can be a life’s work and dressing oneself is definitely a way to self-acceptance. This is what we emphasise at Cool TM, a composite style that breaks categories, genres, codes. While trying never to take itself too seriously.”

The FEEL ALIVE collection is inspired by the Hacienda era when English rock hit the house, creating the Madchester. It takes us to the beginnings of PC Music, while questioning the relationship between Man and machine. In troubled times where individuals oscillate between hyperconnection and hypersolitude, the moments of cohesion are all the stronger.