A Roman luxury brand, a young and talented Tokyo-based designer and the most famous snake in the world. Bvlgari and Yoon, the brilliant woman at the forefront of a new wave of female designers, introduce “Serpenti Through the Eyes of Ambush, a limited-edition handbags and accessories collection born out of the exciting special collaboration.

Writing another inspired chapter of the “Serpenti Through the Eyes Of” series, which kicked off in 2017, the Ambush x Bvlgari collection presents an unprecedented interpretation of the timeless Serpenti Forever bag, the Roman Maison’s unquestionable icon of glamour.

Grown up with pop culture, which moulded her open mind and diverse creativity, Yoon is famed for her real-life inspired creations with high-end touch. Today she challenges herself with a new

venture: “For this capsule collection I wanted to express the bold and contemporary character of Serpenti. Snakes are wondrous and fascinating creatures of nature but with Bvlgari they also became a symbol of glamour in constant evolution. Natural beauty meets human creation, all guided by a contemporary aesthetic.”

We had a delight speaking to Yoon about the collaboration.

When did you first have interest for fashion? How did your career in fashion start and what were the beginning like?

I came into Fashion by accident by being a club kid. It was intended when I started, but each road and each open door led me to where I am today. Not having an education and training in Fashion was not easy initially, but like any other job, you learn the most on the job, not at a school memorizing, so I did have my share of hard work and persistence to get to where I am today. 

 Tell us more about your new exciting collaboration with Bvlgari for a special Serpenti bag capsule collection. / 5. How did the collaboration with Bvlgari start and what is the inspiration behind the coming collection?

I received a Bulgari Avrora Award in 2018. The Awards celebrates women and Bulgari wanted to do a collab with a women designer on their new project so they reached out to me. While I was researching about Serpenti and snakes, I came across these fantastic images of Tree Python of Southeast Asia. I couldn't believe that there were such beauties in the wild. The colors came from Tree Pythons as well.  At glance, you would think it’s artificial, but it’s fascinating to know that these vivid tones exist in the wild. I wanted to be inspired by the beauty of nature.

What are the new elements of the coming collection, and key details you are working on to make it unique? 

It was essential to express the beauty of snakes and capture it in a more approachable and lively way so I made the Serpenti head wrapped in same leather to make it more adorable.  Also padded the bag to give more fluid and plush vibe

How are you putting your stamp in the collection, with what notes of your creativity and DNA?

I brought the playful side of me to align into celebrating the beauty of Serpenti motif. Snakes are beautiful, mysterious, and magical. Bulgari gave me lots of freedom to have fun. While I kept the code for the house, I also waned to see how much I could push to bring something new that Bulgari has not seen before to be table as well.

When will the collection be released?

In the beginning of September.

 Are you working on any more exciting collaboration with Bvlgari?

Would love to work on jewelry with in the future! 

Timotej Letonja