In conversation with Sofia Bryant

We had the pleasure of speaking with the young and talented actress Sofia Bryant. We’ve talked about acting at a young age, upcoming projects and Gen-Z activism. 


I’m Not Okay With This is a big success on Netflix, was this you’re breakthrough role? And how do you deal with success?

“I am not okay with this was a great experience, I’m thrilled that it received such a positive response from everyone. It can definitely be overwhelming being on a really successful show. Staying true to who I am by continuing to do the things I love outside of acting helps me keep a level head. Drumming and cartoon animation are some of my favorite pass times. “

The cast of I’m Not Okay With This has a lot of young but established actors like yourself. How is it to be working with such a young and talented group?

“Our IANOWT cast was a dream. We had great times on and off set. Working with incredible actors like Wyatt and Sophia is always such a gift. Everyone is ready to go and super prepared. It’s gives you lots of room to really play and have fun with it.”

You will be seen in Peacock’s Girl In the Woods, which is coming out on October 22nd, what is is about and what can we expect from your character?

“Girl in The Woods follows three teens who band together to fight off evil monsters flooding in from both a door in the woods and a crack in a mine shaft. Both of these entrance points lead to a world full of monsters. Carrie runs away from her cult like colony that has sworn to keep these doors closed and the world protected. My character Tasha immediately takes Carrie under her wing and introduces her to Nolan who is skeptical of her at first. The three form a strong bond and become a monster hunting trio. Tasha is super loyal but can be a bit hesitant when it comes to really stepping up to the plate to help her friends. She’s dealing with a lot this season. She’s got the recent death of her mother, her dad’s debt and now monsters. She’s fighting a lot of internal battles.”

I’m Not Okay With This and Peacock’s Girl In the Woods are both in the supernatural genre, is this something you would like to do more of, or do you want explore different genres?

“I love supernatural film and tv. I love being part of it. I always have and always will. I would also love to try something new.  I’m really into the 70s music scene, It’d be sick to do a punky period piece set in the 70s or 80s or even the 90s. The 90s were cool. I definitely wish I’d seen someone who looked like me playing a Joan Jett when I was younger. It’s definitely going to happen.”

Mark, Mary and Some Other People is a movie that is open about quite some topics like LGBTQ, relationships and most of all, sexuality, do you think that this movie sets a new example for more movies to come?

“I do think this movie sets a new example for more movies to come, I would hope it continues to normalize talking about it all. These are Characters, but they are also very real people and I know there are a lot of people who resonate with a lot of them. I especially hope it inspires more similar film and tv like it. It’s comforting having shows and movies that present realistic people dealing with realistic everyday issues, it’s relatable.”

You started acting at a very young age, how do you feel that it affected your youth? Do you feel like you ‘missed out’ on things?

“I’m so grateful to my friends. We’ve all known each other for years, some over a decade. I think it all depends on what kind of support system you’ve had. The industry is very quick paced and can get overwhelming for sure. I’m so grateful to have always had super loving people surrounding me, who I can go to when I’m feeling anxious, or I need to just unload a bit. In my opinion I haven’t missed out on much, maybe like, prom, but I’ve also experienced so many awesome things working on projects that it sort of cancels out.”

You’re only 21, is acting something you want to keep doing, or do you have another passion you would like to pursue?

“I definitely plan on expanding my knowledge and exploring other areas of the industry in hand with acting. More than anything I want to open doors and keep them open for others after me, especially women of color. We need to be in the seats at the tables. I’m always open to trying new things and having new experiences. You’re doing a disservice to yourself by not exploring and encouraging all of your interests.”

Gen-Z’ers are more activistic than other generations and you yourself are very vocal on your Instagram about Black Lives Matter and activism in general. Is activism something you would dedicate more time to?

“I would absolutely love to dedicate more time to it. I think everyone should. World issues involve everyone even if you don’t think you’re personally affected. Being an activist also comes with a lot of fatigue, especially being a black woman. Being informative and educating others can be very tiring and taxing on your mental health, so it’s extremely important to take time for yourself, check in with friends and family, and take a break from social media when needed.”

photography by SATCHEL LEE

styling by RAZ MARTINEZ



make-up by KENTO UTSUBO

photo assistant ICIA VAZQUEZ

fashion market assistant CELINE AZENA

Jael Niesink

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