We had a delight speaking with Sandra Mansour about her new collaboration with H&M.

What is your collection in collaboration with H&M dedicated to?

Light and Hope! We used the sun and sunflower to bring these two components of nature to life. We wanted to create a collection that speaks true to the need for hope in these trying times. 

How did the collaborative process begin? 

I received an email while I was on a weekend getaway celebrating my birthday. Next thing I knew, I was on a flight to Stockholm the week after that, and thus began this beautiful journey. It has been a remarkable experience working with the Fleur du Soleil team! 

What inspired this collection? 

In this specific collection, I referenced four female artists that serve as a constant inspiration to me. Toyen, Dorothea Tanning, Lena Leclercq and Bibi Zogbé. In every collection, I always gravitate towards painters and writers. They both serve as a guiding force for my imagination, and my creative process. Toyen and Dorothea Tanning, are excellent artists in their self-expression, and bringing to life the true meaning of surrealism. You can’t help but escape when you come across one of their paintings. Lena Leclercq, a poet that evokes in-depth emotion and expands your thought process with words, strong yet soft words. Finally, Bibi Zogbé, is a Lebanese painter, who painted flowers as an ode to her homeland. Her ability to express herself and her emotion through a single representation is so powerful, it summons emotions and thoughts you were never really aware you had. 

Tell us what makes this collection especially unique in your point of view.

All the pieces that we made, and the fabrics we used make the Fleur du Soleil collection very poetic and true to the Sandra Mansour aesthetic. When collaborating we really wanted to bring both brand identities to life, the coolness of H&M and the ethereal feel of Sandra Mansour. We used soft and flowy fabrics, like point d’esprit , and ruffles, signature features found in many collections.  The campaign is also a very unique and true testimony to the House of Sandra Mansour. The fact that we were able to collaborate in this process as well gave both of us ability to express ourselves especially well, and the outcome is life. 

Which are the key pieces of the collection?

I honestly love all the pieces, we really worked hard on creating a concise and fashion forward collection. We wanted a collection that translates easily from daywear to nightwear. I personally, love the caftan with the embossed sunflower print, the black wrap dress, and the point d’esprit tulle ruffled dress, which is a staple piece. All the accessories are easy to wear and add an extra flare to every outfit. Lastly, the t-shirt and hoody are my go to easy pieces. 

What does a sunflower represent to you?

Hope and light, this flower needs light to blossom, and so does all life on earth. It is a recurring flower, I used it in my first ready-to-wear Bridal collection. I think there is a very poetic, yet strong trait that can be found in the Sunflower. It is a flower that has the same cycle as the sun, it revolves its pattern around it, setting and rising at the same time. 

What message are you sending to the women with this collection?

To persevere, and be agile. I think this year has taught us  how unexpected forces can come into play, and influence our lives in ways we never thought possible. For that, we need to be open to newness and change, and remember with change, no matter how difficult new opportunities prosper, and new visions come to life. Move forward with an open mind, and remember the light will always guide us.


Timotej Letonja