We are delighted to share our recent interview with the incredibly talented Rick van het Meer.

I'll start with a difficult question: If you had to choose between GREEN or the salon, what would you choose and why?

I can't and won't make that choice, and as far as I'm concerned I don't have to. I've been able to make my hobby my job twice. Whether it's about hair or green. 

As a hairdresser you are known not to go along with the hair trends but really looks at the individual what suits him / her. What do you pay the most attention to when making a hair plan?

It is important to find out who the person is. Costumizing a hairstyle goes beyond just cutting a haircut, what kind of work do you do, do you travel a lot, are you more alternative, creative or just conservative, it all counts in how I arrive at the right cut. 

Where does the love of plants and designing gardens come from?

I've always had it. I grew up in Friesland and I can still draw any garden that meant a lot to me at the time. I can dream of the garden of my great-grandparents' farm, especially the dahlias in the fall around the vegetable garden made a big impression on me as a child. 

Why did you choose to open a plant store?

I love being a shopkeeper, you are close to the consumer and therefore know very well what people are looking for and what is going on in the market. In addition, it is very good marketing-wise to show what you have to offer as a greenmaker. 

Are there any plants among them that you have raised yourself?

No, unfortunately not yet. In the future I would love to grow my own plants. 

Is there anything you learned at the salon that you now apply at GREEN?

Listening to your client and creating something beautiful together. It's not that different really. You listen to your client and together you create something that someone will enjoy for years. The reason I don't do flowers is that plants and gardens only become more beautiful with age. A flower is already dead the moment you sell it.

What is the goal for the next five years for GREEN?

To grow into a place where you can buy anything green, that I can do beautiful sustainable projects with my team. Making Amsterdam a little greener, I am all about achievable goals. This should be possible!

What does your dream garden look like?

The garden of Anna Wintour on Long Island, designed by Miranda Brooks is really how I think a garden should look like. 

Claudia Roerdink