Spanish-born, Germany-based Plastik Funk is a renegade within modern electronic dance music that, as European DJs and producers continue to dominate and entice, leads the charge with an impressive collection of accolades, mind-boggling energy and world-class releases to solidify his status.  Withan ever growing amount of multi-million streamed tracks to his name including the UK chart-smashing ‘Dr.Who!’ alongside Tujamo and Sneakbo (clocking in at 6 million Spotify plays alone) to his recent collaboration alongside Aussie sisters NERVO and Tim Morrison – ‘Dare Me’ on the mighty Spinnin’ Records, which has received over 2 million streams and still climbing! Plastik Funk continues to take his “bliss house” sound to audiences around the world. Whether he’s collaborating with elite artists such as Timmy Trumpet and Alle Farben, or remixing the likes of Robin Schulz, David Guetta or Robyn, the core of Plastik Funk’ssound is all about the party. From club shows to mainstage festival arenas it’s that bass-driven, bouncing house style that never fails to ignite a dancefloor and have the crowd in pure hysteria. 

We spoke to Plastik Funk about the current situation and new music.

Your new track “Rock This Town” is now out. Tell us more about the tune and the collaboration.

Yes its finally out and im super happy to see the amazing feedback and support. So many Big Names of the Business supported the track already. We tried to find a good combo between the Deekey and the Plastik Funk sound. This was easy and the combination just rocks!

 How was it like working with Deekey on the new track? How did you guys decide for the collaboration?

I was playing Deekey tracks and did dome special Edits of them, because i always loved the sound. I met this young russian guy in Amsterdam and we decided to work on a collab together. We did like 2-3 online sessions and the track was born. I tested the track for like 2 months and it was a floorfillqr in my sets from the first time i played it.

 How does COVID-19 affect your work and cancelled gigs?

Its pretty bad actually, our business is the first which gets affected and the last which will get back to work… From February  – May i already lost 35 shows. We loosing a lot of money, but first of all we loosing a beautiful summer with the festivals we all love and we also need to survive. Im in Ibiza at the moment and the island is under a full lockdown. We are only allowed to leave the house for buying food, walk your dog or if you need to go to a doctor/hospital… Gives us a lot of time to work on music at least.

What do you do and suggest to our readers to do during quarantined time?

For me as i was touring non stop for years and living in the rush from week to week, its time to think, to organise myself, spent more time with creating ideas and tracks. beside being creative you need to take care of your body. We have to be home 24/7, so i think workouts & healthy food is so important to get thru this time. Also for me its very important to have a structured day to stay positive.

Tell us more about your sound, we know you have called it “bliss house” but how do you define this?

Im a housemusic producer100%. So cool thing with music is, its has so many different styles and almost everything we hear has been here already before. If you mix styles you create something new. I always tried to keep my music identity with putting new influences from other styles into my own style. Someone asked me some years ago how to describe my sound, because they thought its a bit different to the future house which was put there. I call it Blisshouse and Bliss means: Happiness, Summer, good feelings, fun for everyone. Housemusic you can play and party to in Clubs but also on a MainStage at a big Festival.

What is your favourite festival experience so far? What festival are you most looking forward to getting back to post-quarantine?

At the moment we dont know which will be the first festival we are allowed to play, we dont know when we getting back to normal… I have around 25 Festivals scheduled for summer 2020 and im looking forward to all the events coming. Especially after the quarantine time we will party like crazy, im 100% sure!

Tell us about your forthcoming track on Generation Smash, part of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s label?

The next release is a collab with rising producers Relanium & Deen West. I know the guys from events in Germany and im playing a lot of their stuff lately. They sent me some ideas and we started working on a collab. The track is called #party and its an absolute dance floor killer! Thats my second release for the month of april and also a club tune. Super happy also with this track and can’t wait to show it to the world!

What is next in store for you?

In May i will my collab with my brothers of Firebeatz on Spinnin records. We were working on this collab for long time and its a fire collab with an amazing vocal. Beside that i have 2 other collabs ready, 2 more collabs in the making and 2 solo tracks ready and signed. So 2020 im releasing more music than ever in one year.

Timotej Letonja