We had a delight speaking with Paula Cendejas about her new musci and brand new music video.

Check our her new music video: https://youtu.be/tekDrG_TG0M

Inclusivity is a key value of Numero, how do you advocate this shared value in your everyday life?

For me there everyone is alike, physically, ethnically, sexually,…. I am part of the LGTB community so for me it´s fundamental to be surrounded by people who think alike, free and without judgements!

What gives you confidence?

My people, my friends that have been there for years by my side, before I started in the music business, they help me trust myself and believe in myself, they´ve known me forever and know that I am still the same person. 

Can you remember the moment you first discovered your voice? where was it and how old were you then?

Yes! I was 4 years old and I was singing in my parents car on a Saturday, as usual, I was always looking forward to that day of the week to get to learn all the lyrics, thanks to that I gained a lot of music culture and started loving music. 

Would you say your voice is your strength?

For sure, it´s my work tool and my life, it's what I love to do, besides eating hahaha. But, yes, definitely, I don´t know what I would´ve done without my voice. 

Do you believe that your voice can have a positive impact?

Yes, music is universal, it can connect people from any part of the world, and it creates a language that´s above any other. I feel very lucky I am able to help those connections and create an impact over the people that listen to me. It's amazing seeing someone that doesn't speak your language enjoy your music and feel it as if they could understand the lyrics!

What is your own definition of beauty? Do you have a beauty routine and tips to share with our readers?

For me beauty is defined by that point where everyone feels free and comfortable with themselves, both physically and mentally.  Here is a tip I can share with you, my night skin ritual, a good cleansing, tonic, serum, lotion and lip mask, these are my musts, I´ve been using them since the beginning of the pandemic and my face has changed a lot! 

Tell us about the new single you are about to release very soon.

My latest single is called Sabaneta, it´s the first single of my upcoming EP, which will see the light in May. I started working on the EP in May last year, it's been a very long process with a lot of work put into it. Sabaneta speaks about the power of connection between two people apart and how to deal with this stage.  This track brings a lot of changes in sound and image, I dared to change my hair!! 

What is your connection with fashion and what excited you the most about it?

My relationship with fashion started a few years ago, when I started with my social media. I realized how important my image is as an artist, how I dress, look… It's part of being an artist, and it's important to keep your personal aesthetic.  I started enjoying that search for my personal image, how I liked to dress, make-up…. It ́s a process that´s always changing together with my music and me as a person, and I like it everyday more and more. I really enjoy dressing with pieces from spanish designers like Mané Mané, JC Pajares… There is a lot of talent in Spain and I try to give it visibility as much as I can. 

What is your personal motto?

My family, friends and music are my motto.  To be surrounded by the same people for years makes you value small things and helps me keep my feet on the ground. I value their advice and they are my strength to keep on going! Obviously my fans are also part of that motto, without them we, artists,  would be nothing.  Thank you ! <3 

Tell us something that is not on your resume.

I am a very tidy person, a little obsessed with cleaning hahahaha I almost consider myself a collector of cleaning products. My home is my temple, where I get inspired and hide from everything, candles, incense and good vibes are a must. 

Among all your songs, which one embodies the most of your personality?

Without a doubt Sabaneta. This song represents both personal and professional growth. I am trying to let myself go, think less, learn to go with the flow…showing bits and pieces of myself that I didn't know even existed. And this makes me anxious to explore and discover more about myself as an artist. People will perceive this new Paula and will surely connect, or so I hope!

Timotej Letonja