14 December

In conversation with Ofenbach


We had a blast speaking with Ofenbach recently about their hit songs & plans for next year amongs other exciting things.



It's been a whirlwind of a year, how are you guys doing?


We try to stay positive, making music and thinking about a better future. We really can't wait to go on stage and see our fans again. Everybody needs to party and have fun, so it will be even better than before when things will go back to normal again.



‘Head Shoulders Knees & Toes’ has become a worldwide hit, congratulations! It's a different style to your previous releases, what is the inspiration behind the track?


It's different in the production because we think it's important to evolve in our sound but the soul and melody of the track are still close to our signature. For us the skeleton of a track is more important than everything.



‘Katchii’ was the #1 on the Shazam Dance Worldwide charts for an incredible 14 consecutive weeks. What’s your best memory of working on this track?


Our best memory was to work on a rock ‘n roll track and make a dance track with it. It was a huge challenge but the mix of both genres fits totally and it was magic to see this happening under our eyes.



Let’s talk about one more of your hits, ‘Be Mine’. The track has over 300 million streams worldwide, what do you guys think is key to create a hit like this?


Unfortunately there is no key. It's just a matter of releasing the right track at the right moment but of course if your melody is catchy ("katchi" haha), it gives you more chances to make a hit.



As said, your styles are diverse but remain a recognizable Ofenbach tune. What would you say the key is to evolving as an artist while staying true to your foundational sound fans have come to expect?


As said before in the interview, it's important to put your soul in your melodies but also important to evolve with your production. We are both musicians and singers so it certainly helps us to keep our touch on the tunes.



What’s your resolution for next year?


Our biggest resolution is to be happy for what's happening and grateful. Also to work hard for the future.



When the clubs are open and festivals are happening again, what track will you guys open with?


‘Head Shoulders Knees & Toes’! ;)


Do you guys have any exciting releases or other projects coming up for 2021?


Of course, our new single will come in January and we are really excited about this one. Also, Robin Schulz just made a remix of ‘Head Shoulders Knees & Toes’. Next to that, we will release a remix for John Legend and Faouzia next week.

Timotej Letonja