As Teamlead Buying Beauty, Mark Tranter and his team are responsible for the Buying and Assortment Selection of the Beauty Category in the Zalando Fashion Store. Before relocating to Berlin to join Zalando in 2018, Mark worked as National Account Manager at Charlotte Tilbury Beauty and Buyer at Selfridges where he has spent the first 11 years of his professional career.

We had a chance to speak with Mark about men's beauty. 

1. What are your beauty tips for men? Based on your expertise of course.

Don't shy away from building a decent skincare regime. Cleansing, toning and moisturising twice daily are the basic of any skincare routine and with brands bringing out an array of products specifically for the needs of men's skin you can now add in as many steps as you like to weekly exfoliation to masking.

2. Which are the top 5 products that you would personally recommend to men and why?

Cleanser – Lab Series Daily Renewing Cleanser – The cream cleanser is great for removing impurities from all skin types whilst being gentle enough to not cause skin irritation. It can also double as skin purifying mask…

Hair – Hanz de Fuko Claymation – An excellent hair product for producing your required hairstyle. You can use it on it's own or couple with other Hanz de Fuko products to create you desired look!

Exfoliator – Clinique for Men Face Scrub – This face scrub is great for men's skin and an excellent pre shave preparation which helps to reduce irritation and ingrown hairs.

Moisturiser –  House 99 Face Moisturizer Greater Look – The perfect moisturiser which hydrates the skin but is gentle enough for post shaved skin.

Eye Cream – Recipe for Men Under Eye Gel – Every man needs a good eye cream and this cools and refreshes the under eye area to reduce puffiness and reduce dark circles.

3. What is your perspective on the recent growth in men’s beauty and skin care lines?

I think the growth in Men's Beauty can be mainly put down to the reduced stigma in men buying skincare and Beauty products. It has become usual for men to buy products to look after themselves more and for brands to provide specialised products. Over the last year we have even seen micro trends emerge specifically for men's Beauty, including the Barbershop trend and men's masking.

4. Which products do men tend to purchase again and again? And why would you say?

The shopping habits of the male customer seems to generally be that once they have found a product they like or works for them they purchase over and over again. This can be from basics such as deodorant to a specific hair product which they know helps they obtain the style they are looking for.

5. In which line of products would you say that men are still a bit more hesitant?

Anything that involves expertise. Whilst we have seen an increase in men purchasing bronzing products and tinted moisturisers I think the fear that it could be applied wrong is still putting a lot of men off trying them. However with the introduction of easy to use products such as the All Bright Bronzing Moisturiser from House 99 making a mistake is almost impossible.

Timotej Letonja