During this long lasting quarantine time we had a delight speaking with Marie-Paule Minchelli about the corona crisis as well as her newest activewear collection for Eres.

 How do you think Covid-19 will effect the fashion industry both long-term and short-term?

One thing is certain, there will be a before and after Covid-19, even in the fashion industry. At least in the next few months things will have to change. I think there is a general awareness on a lot of subjects… And the way of consuming is one of them. We are all currently dependent of factors that we cannot control.  The idea is to refocus the economy on local shops and for fashion it' s going to be, I think, a major idea: Consume less but better with good basics and think about our fashion fundamentals.

How do you see the impact of Corona crisis on the general perception of fashion?

I think the general perception of fashion is about to be turned upside down.  Digital will play an increasingly important role in the years to come. Especially in the way we present our products. Maybe there will be fewer fashion shows and we will have to find new ways to present the collections, and I believe strongly in digital for that.  I think we will also have to think about new customer experiences, perhaps with services that are closer to our customers, more personalized.

Do you believe everything will just go back to normal after Covid-19, or how do you see it will be ?

As I said previously, I think we will see real changes. This period is so special and unprecedented, it is impossible that nothing change after this. Sometimes I wonder if our usual methods were "normal" after all ?

How do you spend your Quarantine time and are you still able to create while being quarantined?

I try as much as possible to establish a kind of "routine" for my days by keeping a daily work flow. A coffee to start my day, depending on my mood I do a sports class, either elliptical or a live one on Instagram.  Of course, on Wednesdays i'am used to follow  Julie Granger for her live performance on Eres Instagram.  In the meantime, every morning I take care to prepare myself as if I was going to the office: I dress, do my hair and make-up and above all I continue to wear my jewellery. I respect work days and weekend days, this is my "containment routine". As far as creation is concerned, the process is a little different. There are a lot of questions about current processes: the durability of products or collections over time. I think that today, more than ever, creativity lies in reflection. That's why I read a lot, both recent books and books from my personal archives. This has even allowed me to find hidden treasures at home! On the other hand, there is also the importance of keeping in touch with my team, it encourages creativity and reinforces cohesion within the studio. To do this, I receive a lot of fabrics and prototypes at home to share with my team.

 What is in your planning for this year

Firstly, I look forward to our collaboration with Bonpoint, just in time for the end of the lockdown. I can't wait to unveil our first children's model capsule. In June, we will be launching a collaboration with Palorosa to offer three models of baskets.  Then will follow the launch of our "Sunwear" line, a top-of-the-range line of swimwear and beachwear with exceptional materials. Everything is designed to match the colour scheme of the collaboration with Palorosa. I first made the baskets which then inspired me to create different models of bathing suits. Then I imagined a complete wardrobe by working on kaftans and dresses. The idea was to offer a complete high-end wardrobe, chic and full of savoir-faire.

What is in your planning for this year and how will Covid-19 effect that?

I always had a passion for the Impressionists, but I have a particular admiration for Monet. I love his poetry and his work on colour.  I also love Klint in the Viennese art.  That inspired me the tachist side for some of my prints: shapes without really being able to see them.

Tell us about your latest ERES Activewear collection ?

This is a collection that was very important to me. The first line was launched in January 2019. The products have been thought as a meeting between the world of bath and lingerie. Two emblematic ERES universes. The iconic ERES « Peau Douce », the technicality of the materials and the refinement of details, such as lace braids worked for sport, in technical materials. This collection has been designed for the practice of soft sports, particularly for sports such as Bikram Yoga. To tell you the truth, some of our customers were already using our "Aquarelle" swimsuit as a sports body. So the idea remains to appropriate the pieces and turn them away from their initial uses. For example, I very often wear my activewear brassiere with my cashmere sweater.

What are the key items and materials in the collection?

The key materials are our iconic Peau Douce and our technical lace logoed ERES. The main products are the high waist leggings with lace insert and the brassiere.  Personally, I have a big crush on the suit which I find very fashionable. I also had fun to decline our famous wild print to this line of activewear to  put it in a fashionable approach.

 Do you practice yoga?

I practice several sports including yoga and pilates. That's why the creation of this line was dear to me. I also like to discover new sports, combined with cardio..

Timotej Letonja