18 December

In conversation with Mako


We had a delight chatting with artist Mako.



Hi! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. How have you been keeping during this crazy year?


Hi guys!  Thanks so much for having me :). I’ve been doing alright, thank God.  Feeling super grateful, working along in a dark room from the studio luckily happens to be covid-proof.  I was able to finish the record and keep up on everything else



Has no touring allowed you more time in the studio to create and maybe experiment with different sounds?


Yeah absolutely.  I’m a total studio rat by trade, so staying off the road (as much of a bummer as that is) has been a good chance to keep shedding and keeping things moving for the year ahead.



How have you been staying motivated during the various lockdowns we’ve faced this year? Have you had to look elsewhere for influences and musical inspiration?


Musically, it’s been really great.  There’s been a lot of inspiring records coming out, super creative + dope live-streaming going on.  Life - wise, like everybody else, its super tricky keeping energized and positive and motivated without mixing in a proper social life into the fold.  I didn’t actually realize how important that was to the writing process :). Time off and time to live is so huge.



You’ve just released your new album ‘Fable’, congratulations! Is the album something that you’ll be looking to tour if and when we return to some sort of normality in 2021?


I think it’d be such a shame not to put this music together for people on the road.  Thankfully, we’ve still got a tour with Lindsey Stirling on the books for Summer 2021.  Fingers crossed everything works out and all the dates hold!



Any plans to stream any performances of the album for your fans in the meantime?


I don’t have anything solid-solid yet.  But I think this would be a really great alternative in case a tour doesn’t happen.



What are your plans for the festival period? During these strange times I know a lot of people are planning on spending time with their families and enjoying a well-deserved break.


You know, it’s been a few years for me since ‘festival season’ was an active thing for me.  Since I switched to this live-setup, I don’t think I’ve really jumped onto the festival circuit.  It’d be so fucking cool to check that box in the future :)



Do you have any more plans for the album or new music as we move into 2021? 


I’m scoring my first TV show as we speak!! I can’t say a lot about it yet, as we’re still in development.  But its sooooo exciting, and I can’t wait to announce more about this.



Thanks a lot for your time!