05 February

In conversation with Luna Blaise


We had a delight speaking with the star of hit series "Manifest" Luna Blaise.




You are currently shooting the 3rd season of “Manifest”, can you tell us more about the new season and your role on the show?


Yes, I am currently in NY shooting Manifest S.3.  I play Olive Stone and this season you can expect to meet more passengers from flight 828 along with unexpected twists and turns. Just like me Olive is also coming of age and learning and growing as a young woman. Shooting the show this season during the pandemic has been challenging at times.  Our cast and crew have had to adapt to a new way of filming. Our writers have really worked hard to write episodes that insure our safety when filming and also continue to tell the exciting story of flight 828 and the Stone Family. I really think fans will love season three. 




 Name some of the recent highlights, like moving to New York City.


I guess my biggest highlight has been moving away from LA without my mom and on my own for the first time living alone as an adult. I am finally adulting and navigating through life as a young woman. It’s exciting, challenging and such a fun journey to be on. I miss my family but I am so inspired to be on this next chapter of my life. 




Tell us something your are passionate about and is not on your resume.


I am super passionate about traveling the world. My father is from Scotland and his entire family is there. I have this entire side of my family tree that I have never been able to visit or explore and they all live in Europe. I have plans to travel extensively once it’s safe to travel again. 



What is the biggest outtake of 2020 for you, and what was the biggest lesson of the previous year for you?


As a young person that was born and raised in LA I have to admit I really never witnessed social injustice first hand. That all changed when BLM movement gained global media attention. 2020 was a true awakening for me. I educated myself and realized that I had to spread awareness for equality by using my platform and advocating for those who continue to be treated unfairly by systemic racism and bigotry. I attended dozens of protests and continue to learn and educate myself everyday. The biggest lesson I learned in 2020 was that we as people have the power to make a real difference when we work together as one for the greater good for all. 



Inclusivity is a key value of our magazine, how do you advocate this shared value in your everyday life?


Thanks to my very liberal and inclusive parents I was raised in a home where love has no labels. I was taught to always be kind, respectful and inclusive to everyone. This mindset is the only option I know. To love, respect others and be kind is the only way I live my life. 



Can you remember the moment you first discovered your interest for acting?


For me there has never been a memory where I can’t remember wishing I was I inside the TV or on the big movie screen. When I was very little and we went to the movie theaters,  I would run down to the front of the movie screen as soon as the credits would start to roll and dance in front because I thought that meant I was in the movie too. I think I did that from the age of three to about the age of ten. At home I would always watch the directors commentary, making of the films and behind the scenes. I would also watch movies I loved over and over and over reciting the script as it went along. I have always wanted to act. I just love the craft. 



How did your acting career start?


My first real theatrical movie I appeared in was called “Memoria” directed my Nina Ljeti and executive produced by James Franco. I was eleven. I have been working in film and tv ever since. 



Who is the voice that has inspired you the most in your personal life?


My parents have inspired me the most in my personal life and also my career. My dad is a filmmaker and writer and my mom is a talent manager and producer. Our family business is in entertainment. From an early age they instilled a strong work ethic in me to work hard, be respectful, keep my head in the game, stay focused and believe in myself. Through their love, support and constant encouragement I am a confident independent thinker that works hard and has fun doing what I love as a career. 



Do you believe that your acting can have a positive impact?


I absolutely believe this 100%. My mom has always told me that success has zero meaning if you don’t share it by paying it forward to help others and make a difference. 



What is your own definition of beauty?


For me being confident, authentic and true to yourself is the ultimate definition of beauty. 



How do you get ready for a red carpet evening?


To set the mood I always have a good vibes playlist ready. 



Photographer: rayscorruptedmind

Stylist: Donte McGuine

Creative Producer: Sahtia Rivers at the Jeffries

editor: Timotej Letonja

hair and make-up: Christina Turino

Balenciaga -Jacket Philosohopy di Lorenzo Sersfani Pants, boots, top.
Top- Vivienne Westwood Jeans and boots- R13
full look MOSCHINO
Full look - Marine Serre
Full look: Philosophy di Lorenzo Sersfani
Dress- Laquan Smith Gloves- Dirty Pineapple
 Balenciaga -Jacket Philosohopy di Lorenzo Sersfani Pants, boots, top.
Top- Vivienne Westwood Jeans and boots- R13
full look MOSCHINO
 Full look - Marine Serre
 Full look: Philosophy di Lorenzo Sersfani
 Dress- Laquan Smith Gloves- Dirty Pineapple