During the quarantine times, we had a chance to speak with Lucky Blue Smith in our "In conversation with" series.

What is your daily beauty regime?

To be honest i truly don’t have one, i mean i wash my face but other than that i don’t have a regime i follow

How do you see the impact of the corona crisis on the general perception of fashion? 

I think it’s shifting towards social media even more so and will continue to do that.

What is your favorite piece of underwear?


Are you looking forward to something special after the corona crisis? 

Going to the beach and auditions.

What is your favourite new thing you like since Quarantine time had started?

I’m an introvert so my lifestyle hasn’t really changed much.

 What is your favourite and least favourite modelling memory so far?

My favorite was when i went on the Ellen show. I’ve never had a bad memory honestly.

 How has becoming a father, changed your life?

I definitely put more thought into everything i’m doing and  i’ve also matured a lot.

What is next in store for you? Got any new things coming up or have planned for?

Right now i’m focusing on acting and my family. it’s tough to really have things planned out since we don’t know when this crisis will be over, but i’m using this time to learn more about real estate, other skills like a new language and things i’ve been passionate about.

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If yes, describe your experience of Amsterdam in one sentence.

I did and I loved it. Went there with my mom once.

  What is your go-to work-out for staying in shape?

100 push ups a day.

 Tell me about your favourite and least favourite do’s and dont’s in LA?

Go to the beaches and not clubs.

Images photographed by Lucky himself.

Timotej Letonja