In March 2020, avant-garde fashion label and newcomer Elzinga will launch its FW20 collection, ‘POST POP BLOW OUT’, at the intimate and atmospheric blues café, Maloe Melo. 

The FW20 collection is an ode to power dressing. Picking up from the sharp sartorial trends emulated by the 1950s teddy girls and the machismo of punk icon Blondie, Elzinga channels masculinity and femininity in equal measure. Silk organza dresses, neck ties and poppy and houndstooth prints are soaked in hot pinks, blacks and lime greens with pastel accents. 

Aside from the launch of the collection itself, the label’s co-founders have hinted there might be further surprises in store for their audience, with rumors of a piñata amongst other festivities. 

“It’s all about conveying the same feeling as a live performance; something direct, expressive and rough around the edges. Simple in shape with an extravagant touch,” say Elzinga. 

The rst collection, a striking amalgamation of neon animal prints, silk blouses, PVC two-pieces and dramatic silhouettes, was stocked in October 2019 at ‘POST POP BLOW OUT’ will be stocked in June 2020. 

Elzinga was founded in 2018 by friends Lieselot Elzinga and Miro Hämäläinen, both graduates of The Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Expanding on Lieselot’s graduation collection, ‘Baby’s Berserk’, the duo began working together on a new fashion line drawing from Lieselot’s experience as a singer and bassist in rock n’ roll groups since the early age of twelve.

We had a deligtful conversation with Liesselot about her latest collection.

What is the story behind the new collection “POST POP BLOW OUT” and what is the inspiration behind the beautiful collection?

The FW20 collection is an ode to power dressing. Picking up from the sharp sartorial trends emulated by the 1950s teddy girls and the machismo of punk icon Blondie, we wanted to channel masculinity and femininity in equal measure. A very big inspiration for this collection was Blondie, when we started the collection, I just finished reading her autobiography where she explains how she used her highly feminine image to become one of the biggest female front women of the 20th century. She explains how she used her femininity to set herself apart, but how she felt like a boy performing. That was really inspiring to me because I recognized that feeling from being on stage myself. 

What exciting thing do you have coming up besides the launch of the newest collection?

Our FW 20 collection will be launching in July so that’s going to be very exciting!! We can’t say too much about what else is coming up butttt we have some very exciting collaborations in store this coming year…

 Tell me more about the launch of your label back in 2018 with your co-founder Miro? 

Right after my graduation from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam I got approached by Bart Ramakers from Parrot Agency. Together with their guidance Miro and I started working on our first collection that was suitable for production but still had the same aesthetic and excitement as my graduation collection Baby’s Berserk. Miro and I started working together already during our studies at the Rietveld and we noticed that we compliment each other very well. I have a lot of ideas but I have no patience to see it through to the end, where Miro is really patient and much more precise. And we have A LOT of fun together which also really shows in our work.

How important are your experiences with singing and bass playing from your childhood, in your current work?

Really important! It’s basically the core of the brand. With my teenage girl band Fuz I used to play a lot around the Netherlands from a very early age. We really figured out as a girl group how to use fashion as a tool to gain more confidence and power on stage. If you are on stage you want to convey a very direct and clear message, you want the moment you walk on stage to be powerful and you want the audience to react. And this is basically what Elzinga wants to convey and evoke. We want our designs to be simple and direct in shape, but still extravagant and a little rough around the edges.

What is your brand identity built on and what is your design long-term desire?

Our brand identity is mostly build around my experiences on stage, it’s about creating something simple but effective. There is also a big DIY element in our brand that cannot be denied. We really want to create an extravagant atmosphere where everyone feels included. We have a lot of dreams for the brand of course but for us doing the Valentine’s event at 5 Carlos Place during London Fashion Week was already a dream come true. Working together with an artist like Anna Calvi and showcasing our collection in such a beautiful place was something beyond our wildest dreams. Now on to the next one!