NERVO and newcomer KANDY deliver what is sure to become one of the biggest dance floor bangers of 2020. Coming off their recent Grammy-nominated collaboration with Sofi Tukker, “Best Friend”,and consistently placing as the highest-ranking female artists in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs year after year, NERVO joins forces with Brooklyn-born DJ/Producer KANDY to create “Supermodel”. KANDY has recently blazed a trail both within the LGBTQ community and the US dance scene by releasing musicon the likes of Diplo‟s Mad Decent label, and with his latest single, “Let Me Down”, breaking into the Top 10 of the US Billboard Dance Radio Singles chart.

Now, on „Supermodel‟ out March 6th, NERVO and KANDY‟s worlds collide to produce a unique soundnot heard from either artist before. Pumping house and 4/4‟s, punctuated with clicks by camera flashes and a deep dubstep-influenced drop pushes the electro factor way past 10. The NERVO girlscommand listeners to “Strike A Pose” before KANDY‟s vocoded delivery of “Flashing for the cameras baby, we should be in Vogue” paints a sickening vision of confidence.

Speaking on the release, KANDY muses that “The inspiration for “Supermodel” comes from theBallroom scene in NYC, specifically the energy it brings to the dance floor. That energy allows people of all kinds to express themselves authentically. Working with NERVO was especially fun because they brought a whole new flavor to the record. We hope that the listeners feel the same genuine energythat we feel when listening to it!", with NERVO just as excited exclaiming “We just made the perfect tune to do your make up to, so turn it up and strike a pose, people!”! You better believe the dancefloor will be put to werk…

We had a delight speaking with KANDY about the tune: 

 Tell us about yourself and the music you make!

I started this whole thing as a raver in the crowd watching my favorite artists play live. That inspired me to start making my own music. After coming out publicly I felt the need to encourage everyone to be themselves since that was a huge struggle for me when I first started. The club scene should be your getaway from reality & that's what I hope to take away from all of this.

What made you decide to work on this collaboration together?

While starting the record, I knew I wanted some strong female presence. Who better to ask than NERVO?

What is the story behind the title and the inspiration for the track?

We’re all born with a fierce presence inside of us. This record is about pulling it out and wearing it on your sleeve for the world to see. With inspiration drawn from Lady Gaga & Madonna, this record pays homage to the LGBT community.

 How was it like collaborating with the amazing Nervo?

It’s honestly still crazy to me! The NERVO girls were one of the first artists I went & saw live back in 2011 so working with them after being a fan in the crowd is a huge honor!

 What can we expect next? Will there be more collaborations coming, or can we expect some fresh solo releases?

My next record is a solo release called “Upside Down” & I’m extremely excited for everyone to hear it! Other than that, you can expect tons of collaborations & exciting new solo records.

Make sure you get your hands on „Supermodel‟ and vogue your way to the elite – out since March 6th via Thrive Music and Universal!

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Timotej Letonja