We had a delight chatting with young new artist Josie Man.

Hi Josie, how are you? We’re loving your unique bedroom pop anthems. How would you define your sound for our readers?

Hi Numero! I’d describe my sound as uplifting and positive! I want my music to motivate people and make them feel happier – even if it’s for a moment! 

When did you first start making music and who was your main inspiration? Was there one person who sparked your love for music?

I started writing songs when I was about 14 on my guitar but I only ever used to write short songs and I would leave them and then come back to them. I’d say my main inspiration was the things going on externally and music was my way of coping! Artists like Jhene Aiko inspire me because her music feels like pure magic to me.

How have you managed to stay creative this year? Are you someone who finds it easy to self-motivate or do you miss the structure of ’normal’ life?

I definitely miss the structure! I get easily distracted and start to over think when I’m left alone, which doesn’t help creatively.

Talk to us about your new single “Grow” – what is it about and how did it come about?

I wrote this song end of last year with my special and talented friends Josh Scarbrow and Hannah Yadi. We wrote this in my garden! Hannah and I were super emotional that day and we built the song off of tears. It’s about how the toughest times are really the biggest life changers and we grow from those moments.

You’ve put out alot of music in the past year. Are you someone who is constantly in the studio? Tell us a bit about your method of creation.

Before miss rona came around I wrote about 4 times a week in studios which didn’t leave me with alot of time to write alone but I really love writing with other people because I feel like they bring out the best in me. Lockdown has meant I am able to write alone more. When I’m writing, a melody usually comes first and a word will pop up and I'll write around that. Or sometimes I’ll come up with lyric ideas and add a melody to that – it’s whatever comes on the day!

We’ve noticed a thread of ’self-love’ running through your music – is it important to you to have lyrics with a message and purpose?

I’d say so! Music and words help release emotions in the body so I think it’s important that the lyrics match that.

You are very honest with your lyrics – how much of these are from personal experience (as opposed to observation) and is music a form of therapy for you?

All of my lyrics are based from personal experiences – I don’t think I’d be able to sing songs that I had no attachment too. Music is definitely therapy for me, it’s helped me throughout my whole life.

How has your Chinese heritage influenced your music and aesthetic? Have you been able to visit China recently? 

I think I get inspiration from the culture and what I saw growing up! I was obsessed with bootleg clothing I’d see from markets in Hong Kong which later influenced my taste in clothes. I haven’t been able to visit recently unfortunately and it does upset me a lot.

You hail from Orpington in South London, Kent – how has it been living in that area for the past 20 years? Do you have any fellow Kent musical talents you could let us know about?

I am used to loads of green space so I don’t think I could ever live somewhere without a lot of nature – I feel like it’s in ingrained in my body! My lovely friend Mayson Lear is a fellow musician from Kent and you should GET TO KNOW.

What’s next for Josie Man? How do you plan to kick off the new year?

I have new music coming soon and hopefully some live things!! I also really want to direct my next music video…

Check out her brand  new single ‘GROW’ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH4d_KIXlNU