08 February

In conversation with Joshua J


Lovely to speak to you Joshua, how are you doing?


I’m doing quite well. Trying to make the best out of the world’s current situation while making sure my creative juices stay flowing.



How would you describe your music?


My music sounds like that first day of spring on which you realize that you can leave your jacket at home. 



What emotions do you wish to make people feel with your sound?


I wanna give people food for thought that contributes to their sanity in a positive and lighthearted way.



Your debut album ‘1998’ is very touching, can you describe how the album came about?


I’ve been in foster care throughout my whole upbringing. Being away from your biological family does a lot to a child subconsciously. When I started living on my own I began reflecting back on all those years. Starting with my birth year ‘1998’. 



Now you’ve released the first track of your EP ‘Better Times’. What’s the story behind ‘Call Me’?


I wrote “Call Me” in the spring of 2019. My debut album ‘1998’ had just been released and I was going through my first break up. It was an interesting mix of feeling really good and accomplished versus the bittersweetness of leaving a person you love in the past to make room for something new. That’s why in the chorus I sing: “Call me when you need a hand to hold, I don't believe everything I'm told”. Stating that I will always be there if she needs me but also that part of my trust has faded.  



What was the process like in the studio, compiling this EP?


It was refreshing. This EP is a collection of songs that felt fresh to me. It’s showing a side of Joshua J that most people haven’t heard yet and that’s what makes me most excited about this whole journey.



What artists do you look up to?


Stevie Wonder, Cory Henry, Brent Faiyaz, Smino and Gaidaa. 



What inspires you?


Learning inspires me in various ways. It could go from learning a new skill on the piano to learning something new about my culture, getting to know new people, learning a new language or a new sport. I’m always trying to apply things I've learned into my music. 



What exciting things can we expect from you in 2021?


My sophomore album perhaps?