17 December

In conversation with Jorge Lopez


Recently we had a delight speaking with actor and our cover star Jorge Lopez.




As our theme for this season is "DREAM", what are your dreams Jorge? Was acting a dream of yours or did it just happen and evolve naturally?


At this moment my dreams are not very graphic, they are reduced to the simple. The great wishes that I had before are disappearing. Having been outside of my country for almost 7 years has made me connect stronger than ever with my roots and I want that my family is well and that they do not lack anything.


Acting was always present in my life, before I began to speak my body moved to the rhythm of the music, I dressed up, sang. Later at college the same, I participated in all the activities and was the production and staging leader.


When I finished high school it was a totally visceral decision to dedicate myself to this professionally. I never questioned it because I felt that it was what I had to do, period. That, hand in hand with destiny, made everything a great path, full of great experiences and learnings.



What are some of the highlights of "ELITE" on Netflix for you? Will you be back next season?


Elite is a project that will mark my career forever. That's a fact, as an actor to be able to play such a socially controversial character. And the reception of the public fills me with satisfaction.


Exploring places that I didn’t know either as an actor or as a person, Valerio took me to the darkest and at the same time luminous limits of a human being. I learned a lot from him.


In professional terms, it was the project that brought me to Europe, a place where I always wanted to experience working and growing. For which I am very grateful to the project. I met people I admire a lot, a great team of professionals.


The personal thing that is the most important for me, it meant growing. I have been living in Spain for almost 2 years and I want it to become my base, I am completely in love with this country.


Regarding my continuity in the series, my departure is already public. However, I am already working on the pre-production of another series, also with Netflix, which has me very excited.



How doeas your normal day look like? Do you have a daily routine?


The truth is I have my rituals (which I don't always follow), that I inherited from my mother. The key is breakfast, that marks the whole day. A shot of multiple vitamins and minerals extracted from fruits and vegetables, put in the blender and that's it.


Then sports. Personally, I like to swim in the morning, then go to the gym and I'm going to do whatever I have to do for work, photos, wardrobe tests, day of shooting, etc.


With regards to eating 5 daily meals, balanced and rich mainly in proteins and carbohydrates, because when I spend a lot, I must also consume a lot.



What is it like for you personally to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic? Have you been able to stay creative during these times? Perhaps you developed new dreams, projects, or discovered new passions?


It has been a very hard blow for everyone all around the world, we were all touched differently. I personally went through it with my best friends in Madrid, it was very enriching to experience a creative and personal retreat at the same time.


I came from a very strong rhythm of 10 years of work without stopping at any time, totally devoted and absorbed by my work. And this was a very hard blow to look inside myself. It was tremendously positive. I think I had forgotten who I was, I think I had lost myself. Now that I am resuming my work, it is much more powerful to be aware of all the personal spiritual work done in the confinement.


We were confined in Madrid for 2 months and I did discover many creative places in me beyond interpretation. Now I can say that I have more than 7 hobbies.



What do you think is the most important thing about the current times? What positive aspects can we draw from this difficult period?


These are highly contradictory times. I believe that the world is constantly changing from climate change to social change, which is dehumanizing us. Situations like this are terrible, they measure us, millions of deaths in the world, it is something with a very strong impact. It is important that we stop for a second to look around us and forget about our ego and only our interests.


I believe that growing in empathy and resilience is the positive aspect, that everything we are experiencing leaves me with.




Talent: Jorge Lopez @jorgelopez_as
Photography: Nico Bustos @nicobustos@artlistparisnewyork
Casting / EIC: Timotej Letonja @timiletonja 
Styling: Gabriella Norberg @gabriella.norberg
Editor: Jordan Boothe @lmcworldwide 
Photo assistants: Alex Orjecovschi, Federica Falcone
Digital operator: Lorenzo
Styling assistant: Tea Lindstrom
Grooming: Alessandro Rebecchi @artlistparisnewyork
Producer: Allan Vetier
Production assistant: Ines Saccani 
Special thanks to Hoxton Hotel Paris 

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