We had a great time speaking with designer Jérôme Dreyfuss.

Tell our readers who you are in your own words.

I am a French designer who’s trying to make the people happy. I am deeply concerned by the climate change and I do work hard on trying to change the mentalities to give hope to the new generations and help them to change the world….

What is your first memory of fashion? 

I remember Catherine Deneuve. She was the Image of the French women…right after Brigitte Bardot.

Among all the collections you have designed, which one embodies your personality the most? 

I think each collection is all little part of what I am, how I feel at the moment I am building it. It is like a picture of me at a certain time.

What gives you confidence? 


Who is the one voice that has inspired you the most in your personal life and your career? 

The voice of confidence…

What is the most daring thing you did recently and tell us something that is not on your resume.

I had the luck to meet President Macron, and I told him how much I was disappointed about the fact that he is not acting enough on the climate change. I did the high school of music …this is not on my resume!

What is your personal motto? 

When you want, you can!

What are your upcoming projects for this year? 

I am re-designing my stores and launching a unisex line of bags.

Why designing? What inspired you to embark on a career in this industry? 

I am designing because it is the only way I found to express myself as I was young. It was just my way, I started when I was really young as it was really natural to me.

What is your work of art about and what does it mean to you? 

To me, Fashion is not art.  I am just proposing my point of view. I am just trying to give happiness and wellness to my clients.

With work you have traveled a lot. What are some of the favorite places you have seen and been to so far and why? 

The most amazing was my trips to India. I remember my first time in Delhi like being in Star Wars! Everything was new, the colors, the smells, the feelings…I really fall in love with this amazing country.

I also loved Japan. I am a huge fan of architecture and I must say that I have discovered that the bases of everything I love in architecture is coming from the Japanese culture…

What is your biggest outtake and lesson from last year? 

I have learned that I could organize my company in a different way. I have learned to give more trust to my collaborators.

As the theme of our Spring & Summer season is ELEMENTS and it is about sustainability, nature. Tell us about your perspective on sustainability and environment. 

I do believe that we have to consume less, that we have to eat less meet, that we have to change the way we are living. It is a huge challenge and I think that my generation has to show the right way to the next generations. I am putting all my energies in this, and I am glad it is finally starting to move a little bit (everybody was laughing at me 20 years ago as I was talking about it….). Vivienne Westwood is for me an example to be followed, she is the most inspiring and clever designer in the fashion industry.

Tell us about your new collection.

For this SS21 collection I wanted to give a wind of freedom. Counterbalance with the general atmosphere related to the global pandemic and allow us to dream and escape. Bright colors and tangy prints for a gipsy universe, dream of the open roads, a nomad’s life, sleeping under the stars… Ready for the trip ?

Timotej Letonja