22 December

In conversation with James Yates


We had a pleasure speaking with James Yates, who just launched his new app Y-17. 



Tell us about your newly launched app Y-17?


Y-17 is an on demand, follow along workout for all fitness abilities. It is HIIT style training, using primarily bodyweight that encourages people to keep moving, following the class which I take and participate in whilst encouraging the participants. Each class caters to people of all fitness abilities and I give instruction at the start as to how to make it easier or harder depending on your fitness levels.  On top of this, each person gets an individualised plan, which is created based on their goals along with recipes to follow if they need some inspo. There will be a weekly mental health message sent out along with a mental health page and down the line a nutrition page with advice from experts.  The higher levels subscription will also have access to a direct chat to me here I can respond to them, and even with personal video responses.  Live classes and yoga classes will be available to sign up also. 



What have been some of your highlights of this year, looking back and what are you most looking forward to in 2021?


Highlights of the year for 2020… hmmm. I actually feel fairly fortunate that this year has presented a lot of opportunity to me. Work wise I have worked with some huge brands, and feel I have progressed so that is a nice takeaway from 2020. Shooting for Armani in Milan was great and the team was amazing. I also created an app from nothing, which was a cool experience for me. It has been incredible to see how many people are already joining in the classes and the feedback have got has been wonderful that has been brilliant for me personally. I love the fact I am able to help people keeping healthy even in all these lockdowns. Personally, I also have progressed mentally and find myself in a much better position this year. I feel I have grown up and matured and understand myself better and what I need for myself toby in the best position possible. It is nice to have come through a year like we have all had and have that understanding.




 What made you decide and inspired you to launch an app? 


I had a couple books come out a few years ago now that were really successful and I wanted to build on that and help people with a more visual tool. I did live workouts on instagram initially to help people during lockdown.  And then with the lockdowns and gyms closing I thought that it was as good a time as any. So I started filming my workouts and offering encouragement through them to give people the motivation and guidance for them to workout. I wanted the app to feel personal so I added a chat feature where they can message me and can reply directly to them with video messages to answer any questions and make them feel like we are working out together and a part of a community.



What is the biggest lesson you have learnt this year? 


I have learned a couple things this year. 1st is patience. I am terrible at being patient, and in year like 2020 its been vitally important to be that, and appreciate where you are and what you have already. Also, I have learned how people are amazing when they feel sense of community and can buy into something together. I have seen this in local communities response to the pandemic, people helping the aged, nurses, those in need, but also within my training app, where people are encouraging, love that feel of togetherness training and personally think that community interaction is something that is wonderful to be a part of. 



How important is in your own words mental and physical strength? 


Strength to me is vital, both mentally and physically, but I often think it is misinterpreted. A lot of times what people, and I include myself in this, perceive things to maybe be weakness but actually they are quite often the strongest of actions. Being able to admit you’re struggling or something is actually as strong as it gets, or asking for help. I think this year we have seen how strong people can be mentally when tested, but again, when we’ve struggled we have come through. The pandemic has also shown how vital physical fitness is, with those most healthy being almost completely unaffected other than in some rare circumstances. People are incredible, and in a year when we have had so much thrown at us, I think we have on the most part, faced it up and dealt with it.

Timotej Letonja