We had a pleasure speaking with young entrepreneur and jewelry brand owner Gabriele Esposito.

 Hi, Gabriele pleasure to meet you. Could you tell our readers a little bit more about yourself?

I am Gabriele, I am 23 years old and I was born in a small town near Naples, I started at the age of 6 taking dance lessons and at 18 I participated in one of the most famous Italian talent show, from there my career began.

Could you describe how a perfect day would look like for you? 

For me the perfect day is when I have so many things to do, when I'm busy I'm happy.

What’s your biggest passion? 

Actually I have many passions, food, water sports, but traveling is one of the things that makes me more happy.

What or who is it that inspires you the most?

I am so inspired by the Egyptian and Roman era, the 80's and 90's, and a person who is a source of inspiration for me is Heath Ledger.

You started dancing at an early age. When did you realize or feel that this could lead to something bigger? Or did you just go with the flow?

The truth that as a child I was not even the best in my dance class indeed perhaps one of the worst, but it was something I liked a lot and luckily for me I am very stubborn, when I was 16 I participated in a competition and I won a scholarship in Canada and one in Spain.  it was there that I realized that work and sweat was worth it.

At the age of 18, you won a dancing award. Was that the ultimate kick-off of your career? 

It was totally unexpected and maybe that was the best thing, my life has changed from A to Z since that day.

Is there another highlight in your career or personal life?

Working for fashion houses.  fashion which was and still is one of my greatest passions.

When do you feel most free? What makes you feel “high on life"? 

When I am in love.  Loving and be loved is the greatest feeling.

Do you have a beauty routine? If yes, what is your beauty routine and what are some of your favourite skincare products?

I don't have a specific beauty routine, but I often use Honieh's moisturizer and serum.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt in your life so far or throughout your career? 

To always be brave. You don't need to be scared of changes even if you are in a comfortable position if you want to do something different you must do something to a achieve your dreams.

What's most important in life? What are your most important values?

In life I think that we have to give a lot to people, and the things we need are the simplest ones.  Sometimes we forget this.  You need to have sincere people by your side, love, give weight to words, understand situations, and this is a bit of the work I am doing on my person.

You are 23, which is still a young age, but you already have a very powerful and positive mindset. Where does that way of thinking come from? 

I seem so strong but many times I'm not.  I think tho that to be positive in life is bringing success and negativity is bringing nothing good for you.

You started a jewelry brand. When and how did that happen?

 I have always been a jewelry lover I have always been fascinated by it, it happened exactly one year ago when I thought there were too many things I wanted and I was missing from my collection let's say so, so I started putting down some ideas and that's how 0317 was born.

What or who inspired the designs in the collection? Is there a connection to your dance background? 

I like the idea of reformulating old jewels, for example of my grandmothers and grandparents in a modern way.

Where do you see your brand in the future?

I would like to push to have a little capsule with high fine jewelry.

What do you wish for future? Is there something on your bucket list that you want to achieve in the future?

Basically I am a dreamer, I am very young and I really want to do many things, there is something I want to add but unfortunately I am too superstitious and I prefer do don’t say.

What do dancing and fashion have in common? 

They are 2 arts that are constantly changing, and have many different branches, different visions, different perceptions based on the person who creates.

Do you have a mantra or motto which was always there for you or has helped you in certain situations?

 If you really want something you work hard to make it happens.

You are traveling through this Summer, what are some of the highlights so far and anything exciting coming up?

I just finished a great vacation in which we were a big group and I met many different people with different personalities different energies and this makes me very happy.

Where does your jewellery brand name come from and what inspired you to name it 0 3 17?

It all happened very naturally, Are my lucky numbers.

Magdalena Roe & Timi Letonja