Get ready for summer! Whether we can only long for remote holiday destinations for the time being or whether we can actually pack our bags again soon: The new jewellery collection from Margova for EDITED invites you to dream! 

Whitewashed houses, golden rays of sunlight, blue skies and the lush, shimmering sea: „The inspiration for the collection has its origins in summer and is influenced by the Bohemian- Mediterranean way of life in Greece and the colour blue, which is an integral part of the scenery there“, explains designer Denitza Margova. Blue is known as the colour of air and water, of longing and vastness. By using rich tones, delicate pearls and light materials, the designer references her Greek roots and reinterprets them. The result is a beautiful jewelry collection that is cool yet elegant at the same time – the typical Margova mix.

All materials are sourced in Germany and manufactured with the finest craftsmanship, mainly in Germany.

What is the inspiration behind the collection and what is it influenced by?

Denitza Margova: The collection started with the idea of summer and where I love to spend it the most. I dove into the world of my great grandparents, who come from a small village near the Greek coast. The collection is inspired by the bohemian Mediterranean way of life and the color blue.

Why are EDITED and MARGOVA the perfect match for this collaboration?

Franziska Nellessen: We love to team up with strong and unique local brands, whose aesthetics and values match our brand. I am an admirer of the jewellery collections of MARGOVA since years and therefore super happy we have created this collection together.

How did you incorporate your roots into the new collection?

DM: With this collection I am embracing my roots in a modern way with rich colours, delicate pearls and light materials. Characteristics of the aesthetic include asymmetry, roughness, simplicity and an appreciation of the integrity of natural materials. This results in beautiful and unusual combinations. 

What is your favourite summer memory?

DM: I have a couple. But most of them include sitting outside with my loved ones and enjoy great food and drinks, have a laugh and end up dancing J

FN: I always loved watching sunsets and sunrises. The sky awaking and transforming into different shades of pink and purple are my favourite moments of the day.

Which scent reminds you of summer?

DM: Fig trees and that specific smell of a mild summer night. 

FN: Olive trees and sun protection lotion.

Which feeling do you want people to get from this capsule collection?

DM: I want people to feel light and happy while wearing it.

FN: Jewellery is the icing on the cake – the final touch to every outfit. These pieces should freshen up your everyday looks. 

What is your favourite item from the collection?

DM: It’s definitely the RAW necklace, because every single necklace is unique. I just love the uneven raw texture of that recycled silk yarn I used for it. 

FN: I have to endorse D`s opinion. It is something you have not seen much before. But I am also quite fond of the ring and always love a good anklet.

What is your favourite artwork and has it inspired you for any of your work?

DM: I love the work from Willem de Kooning and I can definitely see myself doing a de Kooning inspired collection one day.

How do you stay positive and creative during these difficult times?

DM: Not sure what it is, but I have the feeling that people became more patient. Everything takes a bit longer and this also gives me the chance to create new designs. Usually my days are full with everyday office work and I get everything done right away. After a busy day I am mostly too exhausted to do new designs, but I’m just taking everything a bit slower now and it works for me. 

FN: I have an eleven months old daughter at home, who sparks a lot of joy. I enjoy going on walks with her no matter what weather and my highlight each day is cake and coffee in the afternoon.

What are your quarantine essentials?

DM: A facemask every other day and long walks with my dog.

FN: 30 minute barre workouts every other day, coffee and cuddle time.

When and where will the collection be available?

FN: The collection will launch on the 19thof May on the EDITED ( Margova ( and in our EDITED stores in Germany and Austria.

Timotej Letonja