11 January

In conversation with David Puentez


Recently we had a pleasure speaking with David Puentez.


How would you describe your work and music across the past, present & future?


I started with electro house went further with future house and lets see what the future brings now.I’m always open to new things and always try to think outside the box and be innovative, that is what i have been doing and will keep on doing! 



When making music, what is the first thing you do or process you turn to, when creating a new tune? 


Most of the time,lately,I get a vocal topline and from there it’s a bit of trial and error, what fits and what works. I usually start with the groove and basic elements and then top it with a bassline, melodies etc until there is a rough demo. I always try playing and testing the tracks live as well which helps in the finishing process. Of course, right now, there are no shows but as soon as there are, i will continue doing this!



Tell us about your new track ‘Banana’on Warner music, how did that come about and what inspired the single?


I got the vocal before the first lockdown in Germany, around February, and instantly wanted to make a cool tune with timeless sounds. I’m always aiming for something timeless and I like the uniqueness and simplicity of the track. Warner has been following me for a while and I am happy we were able to make this partnership happen!



What has been your favourite release of your career and why? 


Definitely ‘Superstar’, this tune went big when the first lockdown in Germany happened, and also on the German and international radios - and it still gets played today. It’s ust crazy to see how some tracks blow up and some not so much;you never know what happens and that is the exciting thing about music. 



You also went to #1 on the German Top 100 iTunes charts with ‘Lalalife’ – how did that feel? 


Kinda crazy and unreal at the same time when you see your name on top of so many other huge names but also very happy that my community supported LaLaLife so much!



How did you also come to remix Tiesto on his label Musical Freedom? That is an amazing link-up! 


I think I have remixed him three times, now. The frst time, it was a remix contest between Splice and Musical Freedom, which I won, and then I remixed ‘Jackie Chan’ with Post Malone and, last but not least, ‘Ritual’ with Rita Ora and Jonas Blue!



Tell us about your studio set up – what is the one piece of equipment (hard wear or software) that you can’t live without? 


My own sample library with fancy kicks, snare, fills and more sounds in it, that I am and have been carefully collecting for years. 



What can we expect from you in 2021, and how do you plan to make sure it beats 2020?!


A lot of new music for 2021 and some great collabs and featuring other artists. I have so much music here laying around; I always try my best and strive to challenging myself, so lets see if 2021 will start off with a bang! 



What is your career highlight so far? 


My first gig I had in Hollywood, Los Angeles, on a Thursday night. The main room was completely packed and it was the best night of my life – so intense!But I am working hard every day to make sure I have a lot more highlights in my career.