We had a delight speaking with the Creative Director of Lardini, Luigi Lardini.

How are you staying creative during these weird times this year?

In these difficult times I keep creativity with the memories of the past. Sometimes a simple smell or a song on the radio is enough to take me back in time, reliving those wonderful moments.  Creativity is also kept alive by remembering perfectly the way we dressed once, or by finding some old drawings, photos from the past. My style office thus revisits old garments by updating them in models.  In addition, I observe a lot of the way women dress. I believe their way of dressing is fresh, updated and looks to the future. I take inspiration from their colors, fabrics and volumes of some garments. 

What is the inspiration and story behind the new Fall & Winter collection?

We started to design the moodboard of the next AI21/22at the end of the first lockdown and this led us to reflect on something:the importance of some values related to the world and the beauty of nature that surrounds us,which gained more strengththanks to this forced stop. From this reflection it was easy to direct us to "Land ART", to this form of contemporary art that is expressed with the intervention of man in the territory of nature.This is the new mood of Fall Winter collection. 

How are you as a brand following and embracing sustainability aspects?

We have been following the sustainability issue carefully for some seasons, inserting fabrics such as polyester from the recovery of plastic bottles or GRS certified recycled fabrics, combined with recycled accessories such as buttons and labels in the collection. Also for the women collection sustainability is essentialand we use the fake eco-friendly furs.As humans, we all have to contribute to make the world a better place. For the next SS22 we are confident to create our own “sustainable” total look capsule.

The selection of shirts for Autumn and Winter includes an introduction to a new “techno fabric”. Can you tell our readers more about it and the new fabric.

The introduction of a technical fabric in "formal shirts”has revolutionized the way they are used. Comfortable, light, anti-crease and breathable, it is a highly flexible fabric that adapts to every movement giving maximum comfort. To be worn even with the most formal of Lardini suits, the "techno fabric" has made it possible to give a valid alternative to classic cotton but adding the performance of an increasingly popular "casualwear".

How do you ensure that the furs  used in your designs are eco-friendly?

We have never liked to use fur of any kind, in replacement when necessary, we prefer to prepare collars or insides of the fur garments that derive from soft alpaca or camel yarns already used in knitwear.

When did you start your company Lardini and what made you establish a fashion brand? What is the story and ambition behind it?

Our 40th anniversary in the business has been a great achievement. In these years we have always tried to combine heritage and innovation.  The first me, with a passion for style and elegance, started out in the Seventies by creating a menswear collection. Mybrother andsisters, Andrea, Lorena and Annarita, joined forces with meand we opened a tailoring workshop, in 1978, which attracted some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.  The first Lardini menswear collection was launched in 1998, and it attracted the interest of the international markets in just a few years.  Ambition and the key of our success is the constant research of the fabrics innovation, passion and love for quality. There are many artisan phases to produce sophisticated details, and to create a garment. The combination of craftsmanship, creativity and sustainability are part of our made in Italy.  In the meantime, we prepared also the ground for the second generation, already an important part of our company, that allows us to face the future with new ideas, tools and modern skills.

As Lardini is a family business, how is it creating and working with your siblings?

With my brother and sisters it’s very simple, we grew up together. We created this company with courage and a lot of passion. For us there is no difference, the family is the company and the company is part of our big family. Within it we have our own well-defined and distinct roles as well as for the second generation, each of them have their own roles. Let’s try to be united. Always. Up to now we have been a great team. 

Can you tell us more about the symbol of the company “lapel flower”. What made you decide to make it the symbol of Lardini?

Since I launched the brand, the greatest success has been the invention of the Lardini flower, a small identifying object for our brand… It has allowed growth in all markets even a few customers were buying more garments also for having the flower in different colors! The Lardini flower is a great sign of romance “there is nothing more romantic than bowing down in front of a woman, handing her the lapel flower”.

What do you have in store for 2021 and what are your creative plans for next year?

Our project plans for the next 2021, look towards a solid and constant creative process without ever stopping and looking to a better future. We will continue to work in research, also developing small capsule collections, the second edition of the “Luigi Lardini” capsule and the collaboration with the Japanese designer Yosuke Aizawa.While for the following SS22we are planning a total look capsule dedicated to the world of sustainability.

Timotej Letonja