One of our new digital cover starts is talented musician Col3trane. Our music editor Joiah had a pleasure speaking with him about his career and new music.

You're a young talent of just 22 years old already making big steps in the industry and carving out your own authenticity as an artist. Going back to the beginnings, how were your early stages and what are the things that really shaped you as an artist?

Thank you. I appreciate the kind words. I’m sure there were hundreds of little moments that shaped me as a person and an artist but I think I owe a lot of it to my Mom and my Step-Dad. Since I was a little kid they always tried to expose me to as much art as possible. Whether it was theatre, other performance art, films that other kids my age weren’t necessarily watching, music other kids weren’t listening to etc. At the time I just wanted to be doing what everyone else was doing and like ‘fit in’ how every kid wants to. But I think watching Kubrick films and being dragged to see Shakespeare as a kid really helped me understand how I wanted to tell stories with my music. 

In previous interviews you mention that one of your main inspirations are D’angelo, Nas, Michael Jackson and Notorious B.I.G, in your point of view, how do you connect to them? Do you have any particular song of theirs that have made an impact in your musical journey?

I listen to Voodoo by D’angelo and I wanna know what Questlove and Pino Palladino were eating for breakfast. That album sounds like it was made on Pluto. The musicianship… the grooves.. the harmony. To me it’s as close to the perfect album as I’ve ever heard. Same with Illmatic by Nas or Bad or Off the Wall by MJ. I just love albums and I love being immersed in an artists world and all of these albums mentioned are timeless for a reason. I wanna achieve that in my lifetime.  

Your project Tsarina gain a lot of attention on Spotify alongside BOOT ( Breathing Out Of Time). How was the creative process for both and how did you approach both productions?

Me & Jmoon made most of Tsarina in studio in Shoreditch in London and finished it at his Mom’s house in Hastings on the south coast of England. Sleeping on the floor and shit like that. We were both like 17/18 and had no idea what we were doing but we just trusted our ability and our taste and made something that I’m blessed to say I’m still really proud of. BOOT was a totally different experience. I had just been signed to a major label and was flying all around the world meeting all these different people and having to deal with a million different inputs. That’s why in my opinion it sounds a bit confused, because I was confused as shit and It was a confusing time. I love those songs as well don’t get it twisted, but the process was very difficult for me and I think you can feel it in the project which is a shame. But we live and learn. 

What inspired you to start your label and name it Trane Of Thought?

I wanted it to play off my name… and I just be thinking like crazy. Deep and over thinking. Too much sometimes. I try to have clear intention and thought behind every creative decision I make. Especially the music. Really that’s what you get from my music. It’s my Trane Of Thought. 

What is the core vision of your label? What would you like to accomplish in years time?

Right now, I’m just happy to be independent. Blessed I don’t have to worry about all the things I been worrying about for the past 2/3 years. Labels are great for some people, but for me it was very difficult to navigate. My deal was so complicated and I was working with people at points who had no idea who I even was as a person let alone an artist. So right now I am enjoying this new chapter having built a team of people around me that I love and that support me and my decisions. After this album, who knows what the future holds. I would love to support artists that I believe in… I just need to find the right ones. 

Congratulations on your latest song " Feels Like We’re Falling in Love [Californication]". The song emanates summer in all it's facets, from falling in love to vibes of positivity and freedom. What is love for you? How would you describe it in your own words?

Such a cliche but love is individual… Love is different for everyone. To be honest I’m not sure I know what love is but I know what it feels like to fall in love. I wrote this song about a time where I was falling in love and everything felt perfect. I felt untouchable. I think and hope that this song will make people feel the same way when they listen to it. I still smile every time the chorus hits. Shoutout SG as well that’s family. 

Photographer: @alexcayleystudio 
Stylist: @maher_1
Talent: @col3trane at @communitynewyork
Production: @communitynewyork
Editor: @timiletonja

Joiah Luminosa