Charlotte de Witte continues her fantastic year with brand new EP, Asura, on her KNTXT label. All three of the tracks on this release will be exclusively included in her BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, which was broadcasted on 18th of September.

As well as being back on the road and serving up her high-intensity DJ sets at the world's best clubs and festivals, Charlotte has also been busy in other areas. She has forged a new alliance with Apple Music and is now curating multiple exclusive mix series including a monthly KNTXT Residency Mix and KNTXT Active, which sees the Belgian artist and her label further investigate the connections between high-performance music, sports and BPMs. She has recently remixed the hugely influential trance classic 'The Age Of Love' by Age Of Love' alongside Enrico Sangiuliano and continues to A&R essential new tunes for the label.

We had a pleasure speaking & working with on a digital editorial cover story released today with the energy from last weeks Amsterdam Dance Events.

Have you ever tried any racing sports ? If so what is the connection between both in your opinion?

Besides the occasional trip to the karting circuit, I haven’t. But I’ve always been fascinated by speed and high adrenaline sports. 

Would you ever make any racing sports a hobby of yours?

If I could, I would. 

How was studio time during quarantine? Was it a fruitful moment despite all of the situation ? 

It hasn’t been that easy. The first couple of months were absolutely fantastic. I was quite quickly at peace with the fact that we wouldn’t be doing anything for several months, but that period became longer and longer. In the end I realised that in order to make club music, you should feel the club. After almost a year and a half, I feel completely disconnected from where I come from and it makes things more challenging in the studio. 

How and what are the things you do to recharge your mind ?

Sleep! I rebooted my system by finding back a healthy, more balanced life pattern. What generally energizes me the most is to be around people that I love with fantastic food. Good food really makes a lot of difference as well. 

What is a must have in your record bag? Name 3 tracks that have made an impact in your career. 

It’s a little hard to give you 3 tracks that defined my career so if it’s ok, I’ll give you three tracks that I’ve been particularly enjoying these last couple of months:

  • Lee Ann Roberts – Reality Bites (Balrog Remix)
  • Orion – Doomslayer (Original Mix)
  • Inox Traxx – Jump (Original Mix) 

In your recollection of memories what are the things that made you want to pursue this career?

The love I felt for the music. I never woke up wanting to be a DJ. Everything started when I went to my first underground club at the age of 16 and from there, everything just starting growing. It wasn’t a conscious, controlled decision. I started downloading more music and I started digging deeper in the world of electronic music. It completely sucked me in and didn’t let go of me. 

How would you describe techno in an adjective (or more)?

To me, techno is functional, melancholic and less is more. I can lose myself in the emptiness of Techno. A sort of getting lost in the void. 


 In correlation to love and creativity, do you think that both go hand in hand?

Most definitely. I’m a romantic soul. Love is the strongest thing there is and influences us all in the best possible way. 

What are the things that you hold on to in moments of difficulty?

Moments of difficulty are part of the game. When it comes to my life in music I don’t really have an option but to hold on and bite through. It’s my life and my biggest passion. And it’s worth it. It’s always very, very worth it. 

If you had a time machine button what per of the world would you go ? Or event? And why?

I’ve been missing touring in South America. Especially probably because I realise it might take a while before I’ll be able to go back there. Every time I was in South America I was overwhelmed by the warmness and kindness of the people. The parties there were always full of energy. I remember touring the continent (and the world by expansion) all by myself not that long ago and I remember how much it taught me and how much it contributed to my life. I cherish those memories deeply. 

Can you tell us about what you have in store for your fans next. New releases and any cool performances coming up? 

We haven’t been sitting still. With KNTXT we have a lot of things in the pipeline. There’s new music coming from me and other new artists and of course, we’ve been waiting patiently to start hosting our KNTXT events again. I hope we’ll be able to communicate some more about those soon! 

Do you have any distinct musical memories from childhood that have shaped you as artists? 

I remember that the radio was always playing at home. My dad made sure that if you turned on the light, it was linked to the radio so it would turn on as well. There was always music around. This being said and a little off topic, but my biggest regret in life is that I did not learn how to read notes when I was young. I would’ve loved to be able to play an actual instrument. I think it’s something very underrated and very beautiful. 

What are some of the highlights of your career so far and what are you most looking forward to in the future?  What were your greatest/ most memorable gigs/ festivals/ highlights of your career and which festivals will you be performing at this Summer? 

I mainly look forward for the world to start going back to normal. Being in this crisis for 18 months is starting to leave its marks. It’s time for us to go back. I’m longing to go on tour again and connect with people from all over the world. 

Ever since playing my first DJ set almost 12 years ago, I’ve had a beautiful path filled with highlights. I’m very grateful for everything I’ve experienced until now, the support I had and the love I felt from people all over the world. I’m a lucky girl 🙂 

What was your experience performing at ADE last week?  And what are some of your general highlights during ADE each year? 

 Together with Awakenings, we’re taking care of the opening night at the infamous Gashouder on the 13th of October. ADE is always a fantastic place to be. It’s a great opportunity to hang out with people you haven’t seen in a while. It’s always massively fun and very entertaining.


Talent: Charlotte de Witte
Photographer: Ricardo Santos 
Stylist: Nelly Goncalves 
Makeup by Sara Fonseca 
Hair by Claudio Pacheco
Casting by Timi Letonja

Timotej Letonja & Magdalena Roe