Tell us about how your jouney in this profession started for you? 

I started modeling when I was 18 years old and moved to New York when I was 19, where I lived for 8 years.I did campaign for Armani, Armani exchange, Squared, Levi’s, Reply, Tissot,… walked fashion shows for YSL, Dior, Missoni, Gucci,… And was featured in VOGUE PARIS, VOGUE HOMMES, L’OFFICIEL, NUMERO,…

In addition to being a model, food lover, traveler and proud author of my two cookbooks Model Kitchen and Cesar's Kitchen and the travel guide Trippin, I have launched the Cesar Casier Knitwear Collection. While growing  up, I was always surrounded by fashion. My mom owns a high-end fashion boutique “OONA" in Ghent and my stepmom is a fashion designer. They were my biggest influencers and shaped my views on fashion while growing up, the logical next step was to start my own collection. 



The Cesar Casier Knitwear Collection is 100% made in Belgium, something that is very rare nowadays. Everything I design is produced in a small family owned factory located in Sint-Niklaas, a city between Antwerp and my hometown Ghent. Fact is that back in the days there were about 300 factories located in this area and now there are only two left, a sad reality. Therefore, it is important to support the revival of Belgian knitwear as much as possible!


Next to my roots, my brand represents Gender Equality. A human right I hold dear and it is something I stand for. I translate this into my designs, as they are mostly unisex. I want my brand to lead the way in gender-neutral fashion. In my opinion, gender no longer dictates the way people dress and it does not force anyone into a box. That is why I try to design as much gender neutral pieces as possible, this allows us to express ourselves exactly the way we all want to. My designs are timeless, comfortable and basic, yet fashionable and with an eye for detail and great quality.

What does charity mean to you?

I've always loved nature and even more, the animals who live in it. That’s why, for every sold item on my website,  I’ll donate 1 euro to a charity. For my previous collection I’ve donated money to help save the dolphins, The Great Barrier Reef and the Giraffes in the wild. By donating money to a good cause, I want to send awareness to the public about the beauty of nature and to support animal and nature welfare!