Who is Anwar Hadid? A model, musician and jewelry label founder. Since he started following in his sisters' footsteps in fashion, he was on the covers of magazines, was the face of Hugo Boss Menswear Hugo line, walked in New York Fashion Week and many more… 

Anwar, together with Yoni Laham you launched your own jewelry label ”Martyre” in 2019. What is the story behind founding ”Martyre”?

We wanted to create a space where we could create and collaborate with friends, artists and organizations. We also wanted to find common ground in our beliefs.

Creating a brand isn't an easy task, let alone building its success. What have you learned about yourself through founding a business?

Running a business is a challenge in so many ways, but it is also a huge blessing. We have worked hard building our company, so we are able to focus a lot more on the creative this coming year onward.

What are your and Yoni's goals and plans for the brand in the future?

We are planning to continue to collaborate with artists, organizations and brands that we believe connect with our beliefs in whatever way we can all across the board and all across the world hopefully.

You are also starting your music career, right? How did that passion and idea come to fruition? Have you always wanted to do music of your own?

I made music when i was 14 – 15  with my friends in a little box studio on Cahuenga Blvd in LA, but I just didn't really know myself that well then. Me and some friends wrote raps and sang songs and would record them, but it was just something we did for fun, I never thought I would try and make projects of my own.

Tell us more about what can we expect from your music? 

I'm not so sure, I'm finishing up a project now that will be out sometime next year.

A lot of musicians write their own songs. Are you one of those who are writing their own lyrics? If you do, what inspires your writing?

I write my lyrics for songs I make with friends. Sometimes it's personal stuff, sometimes it's conversations or stories about friends or love or life events. Anything could be a song in my opinion if it is a story that you want to remember.

For a young age, you've experienced quite a lot of different industries. Which one is the hardest and which one is the most fulfilling for you?

I honestly love fashion when I can creatively collaborate with brands and with my friends, like what we did with Numero! Thanks Arb and Kuj and Diego. And I think making music has been super fulfilling for my friends and I, it's just another way we all can represent more of our little piece of vibes for the world.

What is in your plans for the future besides music and your work on ”Martyre” after the world gets back into its tracks again?

I hope I just continue to follow my heart and creating with my friends honestly. I feel blessed and very happy.


Talent: Anwar Hadid at IMG Models @anwarspc
Photography: Diego Andrade @diegobenjaminandrade
EIC: Timotej Letonja @timiletonja
Styling: Milton Dixon @miltonmania
Fashion director: Lisa Jarvis @lisajarvis_stylist
Casting: Tasha Tongpreecha @tashatongpreecha 
Market editor: Raziel Martinez @itsmerazzie 
Make-up: Kuma using MAC Cosmetics
Hair: Matt Benns using Bumble & Bumble
Styling assistant: Share Koech 
Fashion assistant: Celine Azena & Ellis Herz
Special thanks to David Ralph

 artwork and creative direction: Kuj & Arb @arben @malrborokuj 

Jana Letonja & Timotej Letonja