We had a delight speaking & working  with princess Anna Pahlavi in the interview and editorial bellow.

What was the moment in your childhood when you knew you wanted to be an artist?

That came later in my life. When I arrived in Paris in my 20’s, I decided to study art . I met a lot of interesting artists, that inspired me and made me want to be a part of this creative world. A defining moment in my life was when I was accepted at Parsons School of art and design. Soon after, I had my first group exhibit at the Museum of photography (MEP). It was collaborative project with my dear friend Martin d’Orgeval who happens to be a great artist. The Museum purchased two of our pieces, from that particular exhibit, for their own collection. 

Was there a lot of art and artwork around you when you grew up in Kiev?

Environment where I grew up was already a piece of work. I even fell out of a balcony because there was no fences on it. The transformative power of art can do miracles. Besides that I was mostly surrounded by books. Classics were my main interest. 

What does fashion mean to you?

I think Fashion can mean only one thing- Freedom. Without freedom, fashion would not be possible. 

What project are you working on at the moment?

I am preparing a new set of works where I’m, a continuation of my last exhibition which was at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Clichy. I find myself more and more drawn to nature and what it has to offer. 

Does a royal and being a model and artist go together well?

Traditionally royals were original models in the society. Sometimes the aspect of character/ title that is perceived by others is only a term. I believe we all have our own identity. Our persona is not fixed in one single character. The essence of your identity and soul, that if the essence is vibrant and compassionate, than grace will be present through whatever you do. You can be a painter one day, the filmmaker the other or a botanist tomorrow. The fun part of being an individual that you can choose to transform yourself from one to the other. As for me being a royal is less commitment out of the three. The meeting point of the three would be charisma. Historically speaking charisma was a divine gift to the royal person and the source of their power. Charisma is what inspires people.

Looking back at your exhibitions, which one was your very favourite?

Everything I was working on so far, every project brought some kind of magic to my reality. But I do put a heart on all of the projects in which I collaborated together with “Let us in”, independent contemporary art organization that sharing a message of creative values and social significance in alternative locations. 

Where do you get your inspiration for your artwork?

As an artist I am aware that art work is a result of interaction of us and the environment. Since I am taking a part in this process, I get inspired by everything and everyone that I surround myself with. 

Emotions are a big part of your artwork,  how are those two connected?

Every viewer has a different perspective on my work based on their own experience. I like the variety of opinions. Right now my focus is on expanding human emotion to emotions of nature. A little bit like Neo-Romanticism. 

Your husband is also an artist, do you contribute to each other’s artwork, or do you have very different styles?

My husband and I have separate projects, which we review together. Sometimes I model for his paintings and photographs.  

How did you experience this pandemic as an artist as well as a royal?

The feeling of isolation wasn’t so bad, being connected to nature and animals was the best part of it. I was lucky enough to be locked in a nice house,  in Spain, where I had time to take care of my intellect and enough space to express myself creatively. My experiences was close to finding back the time of Otium. 

Do you have big plans for when the pandemic ends?

The politicians are saying it won’t end, so why should I delude myself:)