In nature, dunes are sand formations often formed by wind that sculpt elegant and dynamic silhouettes in constant transformation. As in nature and also in music the concept of constant evolution and movement will be the cornerstone of “DUNA” the new recording project brought to light by Simone Scardino aka CONCEPTUAL.

The label will focus on new and established artists that show and already have shown constant evolution and experimentation in the past whilst staying uncompromisingly true to their musical identity.

Logo design and art by M.I.R.U.E.L


Duna was launched the 1st of November with ‘Mai pe Jabbu’ by CONCEPTUAL, the digital bonus track for free download of the first release “DESERT FLOWERS”, double LP, 12 inch that will be announced around the end of November!

The first official release “DESERT FLOWERS” will be a double LP 12 inches with 10 tracks composed by: Mike Parker, Stanislav Tolkachev, CONCEPTUAL, D-Leria,, Sciarhi, Desroi, Ribe, Danilenko and Pigreko.

A1Mike Parker – High-Pass Dissection
A2D-Leria – Run
A3Pigreko – Frequenza Statica
B1CONCEPTUAL – Dinamismo Estetico
B2Stanislav Tolkachev – Kracked by Bill Gilbert
C1Danilenko – Dormant or dead fish
C2Sciahri – Cosmosi
D1Retina.It – Deep Level
D2Ribé – Intervalos
D3Desroi – Teressaen

Artwork for “DESERT FLOWERS” designed by M.I.R.U.E.L
Distributed by Ready Made and Triplevision Mastered at LRS Factory Rome.