In presenting the pieces for next winter and officially entering the decade when it will be celebrating its centenary (in 2023), Colmar, in producing the offer in the run-up to its anniversary, has decided to keep some important key words in mind.

Sustainability: thermal insulators 90% made up for recycled fibers are used in the collection; the revolutionary Teflon EcoElite, water-repellent treatment, which comes from renewable sources some years and is applied on the whole collection; empty polyester fiber spheres become an artificial insulation filling, the most similar alternative to down which keeps its heat qualities even when it is wet; Graphene, applied to a fabric for the first time by Colmar, becomes a yarn used in the lining of jackets which, thanks to this innovative nano-tech material, lets the body not only distribute warmth evenly, but disperse static as well. The pieces characterized by recycled materials are marked by a special tag. 

Technology and Comfort: are also two important words for this collection: the study of and research into increasingly advanced materials to constantly improve athletic performances and movements are the imperatives in every season. This is why padding becomes stretch, there are five-layer puckered fabrics, some jackets have been designed with water-repellent down and Graphene is applied to an increasing number of pieces.

Style: with special attention to the female world so that women’s skiing is underlined by important details but which make all the difference: the lines and the cuts mostly follow the body and make sporting movements easier for the person wearing the piece; some elements of the jacket, such as the collar, are removable; anti-cold teddy fleece is applied at strategic point and there are more and more stylistic characteristics including the colours which, in the different lines, combined with the basic colours, become hyper-energetic. 

Capsule: Dedicated to a woman with more get-up-and-go, the “Moonlight Shadow” capsule collection, where the silver mirror fabric is applied and paired with a high impact techno animal print and where femininity is magnified by side slits in the jackets, belts at the waist, vertical padding and a whole skisuit with leggings. For him, on the other hand, skiing becomes a real journey with “Ski Travel”, the versatility of which means it can be used both in the city and in the mountains, thanks to the study of specific details such as the inside straps which allow hanging the jacket from the shoulders, a pocket which can act as a backpack on the back, the possibility of pulling out a balaclava to beat the cold and multipurpose pockets. This way modern travelers can go easily form the city to the ski slopes wearing the same piece.