Latin global music idol Maluma teams up with Mexican singer-songwriter Carin León for their latest single, “Según Quién.” This dynamic collaboration blends two genres into a captivating pop-norteño fusion, creating a catchy anthem for those who declare themselves done with love.

The music video, directed by Maluma and Cesar “Tes” Pimienta and produced by Royalty Films, was shot in Nashville, Tennessee. The video showcases Maluma and Carin León performing the heartfelt song in a bar, finding solace from heartache through tequila and music.

“Según Quién” was co-written by Juan Luis Londoño Arias “Maluma,” Edgar Barrera, Kevyn Cruz Moreno “Keiytin,” Lenin Yorney Palacios “Lexus,” and Luis Miguel Gómez Castaño “Casta.” The track was produced by Edgar Barrera.

This compelling track will be featured in Maluma’s upcoming album, “Don Juan,” scheduled for a global release on August 25th.