Colm Dillane proves yet again that he cannot be contained and never shies away from a challenge: the founder of KidSuper created one of today’s most sought-after brands by trusting his imagination and following his dreams; making it in his image. Colm’s infectious and illuminating energy has bolstered its meteoric rise – boundaries do not exist.

“I never got good advice from someone who didn’t take risks.” Colm Dillane

For his KidSuper SS24 show, Colm brought yet another of his passions to Paris Fashion Week: theater. Taking place at the historic Théâtre de l’Odéon at 6:30pm on June 24th, 2023, the KidSuper Spring/Summer 2024 Show is an original play conceived and written by Colm Dillane. To bring his vision to life Dillane collaborated with artist and scenographer Thierry Dreyfus, Franco-American theater company The Big Funk, choreographer Leo Walk and dance company La Marche Bleue.

The play thrives on the eccentricity, unique visual and narrative styles KidSuper is known for: Colm Dillane, in a very personal reflection on creativity, originality, and recognition, strips to expose his very personal creative process. The collection plays the KidSuper playbook masterfully: art, colors, prints, collages on everything from classic streetwear to his now iconic animated tailoring and coats.