Through a radical departure for an Asics classic, the trainers have been rendered almost unrecognisable through a unique colour, composition, and materials methodology. GMBH cut and sliced the shoe apart, deconstructing the upper into an open flat artwork and coloured asymmetrically, making each shoe of a pair seem unique and mismatched. 

Executed in two highly contrasting colour combinations, pure silver/sour yuzu and rich gold/black coffee. The sneakers feature GMBH’s signature play with glossy and suggestive surfaces. The slick renderings appear both ominous and sdeuctive.

All the functionality and technology of the gel-quantum 360™ 6 models have kept its integrity, uniting the fluidity of these technical components with a progressive look. Lasting comfort is ensured with the 360 degrees cushioning of gelt technology circulating the midsole.