Artist and environmental activist Coco Capitán collaborates with Cowboy to celebrate the positive impact the cycling community has on cities.The Spanish artist and the Belgian e-bike brand will sell a limited edition t-shirt featuring one of Coco’s prose in her signature handwritten style. All sale proceeds will go to Cool Earth, a non-profit organization, working to protect the rainforest and fight the climate crisis by supporting indigenous communities.

The collaboration started from a very simple observation: when communities around the world come together for a common purpose, we can do good for the earth. The bike has been a symbol (and part) of protest for generations, seen as a remedy for car culture and a better way forward for the environment.

Adrien Roose, Cowboy Co-Founder & CEO, shared: “It’s not enough for a city to be liveable, it should be living. For too long, the places where we live have lost a sense of human scale. And we’ve lost a connection with our surroundings and what makes a place tick. Cyclists and pedestrians; artists and creatives; we – at street level – are who make a city’s culture unique. When we ride, we bring this connection back to ourselves and the people and nature around us. It’s time for a rewilding of self and place. It was an honor for Cowboy to work with Coco Capitán to articulate this idea into an art form riders everywhere could wear with pride.

Coco Capitán added:I was already a fan of Cowboy’s bikes and mission, and I found this project to be a great opportunity to support a non-profit organization dear to my heart, Cool Earth. Biking for me has always been a sort of activism, and I truly hope this collaboration sheds light on what is part of the solution for greener, more sustainable cities. Sometimes you just need a little electric push.


More and more direct actions such as Critical Mass rides are gathering thousands of people in hundreds of cities like Brussels, Paris, Budapest and New York to reclaim space for a safer, healthier urban life. The electric bike is here for the new generation, remembering its roots as the bike being the most perfect form of movement. As the original connected bike, Cowboy is at the forefront of this movement, having reached the amazing number of 10 million rides since its inception. Along the way, Cowboy users have saved 5,500 tons of CO2 with more than 900 groups on the Cowboy app newly joining local communities and leaderboards.