The vibrant queer community of Amsterdam’s beloved club night, SPIELRAUM, is preparing to unveil its new physical home – CLUB RAUM.

Opening its doors this October near Sloterdijk Station, RAUM is an exciting initiative led by the founders of the renowned queer club night. With a strong focus on providing a safe and free space, CLUB RAUM aims to set the highest standards in sound, showcasing cutting-edge electronic music, and pushing the boundaries of club culture.

As the grand opening approaches, CLUB RAUM is already assembling a resident team of emerging local talents, including Fafi Abdel Nour and more to be revealed later, alongside the beloved SPIELRAUM residents like KI/KI and Mary Lake. Additionally, the club will collaborate with an impressive lineup of international regulars, featuring artists like Mama Snake, Sedef Adasï, BASHKKA, and Angel D’lite, among others.

The club’s new home will be an old industrial building discovered by Temporary Palaces, an organization that helps create and find spaces for events like RAUM. It brings value to Amsterdam entrepreneurs by filling vacant buildings and providing opportunities to cultivate unique experiences. The venue’s late 60s complex with industrial details and luminous rooms promises to be a haven for queer individuals from both the Netherlands and beyond, hosting unforgettable club nights and artistic expressions, along with educational community care events, such as lectures on mental health in nightlife and safe intimacy.

Initiators Sven Bijma and Diego Meijers stress the significance of nurturing a space for the Amsterdam LGBTQIA+ community while maintaining creative autonomy. In a time where hate and violence towards the community are on the rise, CLUB RAUM aims to bring people together and celebrate each other, offering a much-needed space for self-expression and inclusivity.

Aligned with the municipality of Amsterdam’s commitment to support night culture, CLUB RAUM comes as a beacon of diversity and inclusivity in nightlife. SPIELRAUM is widely recognized as one of the leading underground event promoters, championing safety and vibrancy in the city’s nightlife. Their dedication to nurturing new talent and creating a safe environment is reflected in features like the awareness team and the no-photo policy. CLUB RAUM carries on this legacy, providing clubbers a parallel universe to be their true selves.

With a clear vision and unwavering dedication, the team behind SPIELRAUM is thrilled to embark on this new chapter with CLUB RAUM, fulfilling the community’s long-awaited desire for a space that truly represents Amsterdam’s vibrant nightlife. The stage is set, and the countdown to the grand opening is underway – brace yourself for an unforgettable experience at CLUB RAUM!