Club Med, inventor and leader in premium all-inclusive holidays, is starting its recruitment for the spring-summer season 2023. 1430 talents are sought.

Positions are available in 30 resorts across Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, seaside and mountain areas, in hospitality, childcare, sports, wellness, arts & entertainment, sales or support professions. 40% for seaside resorts and the 5-masted sailing vessel Club Med 2, and 60% for mountain resorts. All these positions are open to passionate people, with or without a degree, depending on the position.

The role of the G.Os (Gentils Organizers – Friendly Organisers) & the G.Es (Gentils Employés – Friendly Employees) of Club Med? Every day, in the most beautiful places in the world, creating unforgettable moments of happiness for the customers (the Gentils Membres or Friendly Members), so that they can spend a holiday like nowhere else, without worries… Free from the constraints of everyday life , for a certain time, that of the holiday.

Joining Club Med means:

  • Boosting skills thanks to development programs, numerous training courses and national and international mobility.
  • Surprising and surpassing yourself by discovering that you are capable of more than you think, by gaining self-confidence and daring more.
  • Forging lifelong ties thanks to the encounters with G.M.s from all over the world and the diversity and multiculturalism of the 25,000 G.O.s and G.E.s of different origins, nationalities and cultures. More than 110 nationalities make up the teams.
  • “The purpose of life is to be happy; the place to be happy is here; the time to be happy is now…” said Gérard Blitz, co-founder of Club Med. 72 years after its foundation and in this uncertain world, Club Med’s vision seems more relevant than ever.