The most beautiful of five-masters in the world. A legendary sailboat over 187 meters long. After 2 months of renovation work and more than 9 million euros in investments, Club Med 2 unveils a new contemporary look. From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, the French Riviera is never far away at Club Med 2.


Architectural firm Sophie Jacqmin has worked down to the smallest detail to create a modern interpretation of the classic sailing experience.

Five masts, seven white sails, 2700 m² teak promenade decks, mahogany railings, 184 simply but refined cabins… The sailing yacht evokes memories of the time when a cruise still stood for tranquility, comfort and opulent luxury.


Staying aboard Club Med 2 is a bit like the promise of a timeless stay, and perhaps the ultimate experience of the discerning Club Med Exclusive Collection.

Harmony with the ocean, discoveries, well-being and a festive atmosphere are at the center of attention.

From yoga classes by Heberson, to treatments at the Spa by Sothys. Everything is provided to be able to recharge and disconnect.

And because letting go also includes sport (the core of the Club Med experience), Club Med 2 provides a multitude of (sports) activities. Water sports are given a prominent place and the offerings are like nowhere else: water skiing, sailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding and even some exclusive activities such as Wing Surf, the Hobie Mirage Eclipse and a new Tiwal sailboat.

This itinerant Exclusive Collection welcomes children from 8 years old and has great surprises in store for them on board and ashore. For adults too, Club Med 2 means endless experiences that become more and more intense and amaze every day.