Presenting a groundbreaking collaboration between renowned designer Martine Rose and Clarks, as she became their first-ever guest creative director. Her Spring Summer 2024 fashion show showed a glimpse of her footwear vision.

Rose drew inspiration from the vibrant nightlife of British communities in the 1970s and early ’80s for her show when community centers served as the hearts of the local scene. These spaces transformed into nightclubs for diverse and expressive youths who resonated with this unique ambiance. To capture this essence, Rose chose St Joseph’s Parish Centre near her studio as the venue for her Spring-Summer 2024 show.

The collection itself embodied a dialogue between tradition and change. Classic silhouettes, materials, and motifs were reimagined through the manipulation of volumes, reflecting the image of the community center and its inhabitants.

As a preview of the Coming Up Roses collection by Martine Rose for Clarks, two styles were unveiled: a men’s Oxford shoe and a women’s heeled loafer, both available in black leather or mock-exotics.

Martine Rose’s partnership with Clarks signifies a new era for the brand. Rose’s innovative touch on the classic silhouettes, all under the Clarks Shoes label, promises excitement and anticipation for fashion enthusiasts.