Berlin Contemporary winner Clara Colette Miramon had her debut with a major runway collection at the Berlin Fashion Week. Her super 2000s coded collection, with the title ‘Nesting’ consists of candy colors, ruffled tops, super low-waist capri pants, mini-shorts and corsets. For the runway, she transformed a historic ballroom into her dreamy setting.

Inspired by the female surrealist artists of 1930s Paris, the collection ‘Nesting’ delves into the strengths and vulnerabilities of femininity. Features silks and jerseys in light tones of white gray and pink, contrasted with darker accents. Denim pieces in a deep unwashed color, while mesh items combine vibrant prints with faux fur details.

Some of the most outstanding looks of the collection feature designs with a white jersey ensemble paired with a voluminous ruffle cardigan and knee pad leggings, challenging traditional proportions. “The Umbrella Dress” mimics the shape of an extended umbrella, while corset looks and padded silhouettes reimagine the forms Clara Colette Miramon is renowned for. A standout piece is a dress entirely crafted from reclaimed boxing gloves.

The historic ballroom, in which the show takes place, is painted entirely in white, with a set design featuring a girl asleep on a mountain of earth, inviting the audience into her dreamscape. Collaborating with visual artist Camille Soulat, who created the illustrations for the collection’s prints, added a unique touch to the designs.

The collection of Clara Colette Miramon is an amazing example for the exciting transformation, that Berlin’s fashion scene is currently going through. Several designers such as Clara Colette Miramon are emerging with new talent and refreshing styles.