Claes Iversen presented his latest couture collection, ‘Matrimony in Color,’ in Amsterdam. The intimate salon presentation took place in a historical venue where time seems to have stood still. After the presentation, guests had the opportunity to see, touch, and try on all showcased pieces directly in the designer shop.


The bridal gown traditionally serves as the highlight of a couture show. Usually, it is the masterpiece that reflects the designer’s signature style. Going against the grain, Claes Iversen reversed this principle. The inspiration for his new couture collection came from the modular bridal collection he launched in 2021. This semi-couture concept consists of fifty items that allow brides to create a unique outfit for themselves.

“From the beginning, I had the feeling that our bridal collection had the potential to shine in color as well. We regularly receive requests to produce these items in color. That’s how the idea for this collection was born. Additionally, I wanted to blur the boundaries between couture and ready-to-wear. The collection of over forty looks offers numerous possibilities with both multifunctional pieces and spectacular couture items,” said Claes Iversen.

Splash of colour

Iversen’s new couture collection evolves from white to color and is rich in references to previous collections. The color white, for example, is a nod to the bridal line. The runway opened with a subtle splash of color on pristine white fabric, quickly transforming into powerful silhouettes. Showstoppers included dresses made from hundreds of meters of soft tulle – an ultimate bridal fabric – in various pastel shades, creating a layered depth effect.

Splatters and Bows

Luxurious, elegant materials take center stage in Iversen’s new collection. However, as we have come to expect from him, always with a surprise element: subtle yet unmistakably present. Paint splatters make a comeback as screen-printed flock prints and embroideries, the result of hundreds of hours of handwork. Some silhouettes nod to the sharp outlines of the 1980s, while others incorporate the bow that is part of his DNA into the looks.

Authentic location

With the choice of a traditional salon presentation, Iversen placed his guests at the forefront, or better said: front row. The venue was an integral part of the runway, exuding an atmosphere of faded grandeur and the twenties. For the couture show, a wide variety of models were cast, representing diverse sizes and ages, allowing customers to identify with them. From novice models to familiar faces. 

See, Try, and Buy

After the show, customers could visit the designer shop where they could directly see, touch, and try on the showcased pieces. The collection is available in a size range from 34 to 46, with prices starting at 65 euros for a T-shirt, 1000 euros for a suit, and 700 euros for a dress. Claes Iversen stated, “By opting for a targeted presentation, we provide customers with the opportunity to bring my creations to life in their own way.”