Blond is both an elegant and glamorous color, either natural or achieved by bleaching – blond never goes out of style. But, it has to be maintained correctly to not discolor with unwanted tones. The new additions to Christophe Robins Baby Blond products will help to keep healthy hair while supporting the blond shade we want. With violet pigments, won from Florentina Iris, will have a counter effect on yellow and brassy tones.

Christophe Robin just launched an extension to the iconic line of colour treatments the Shade Variation Masks, which is the new Baby Blond line. The Shade Variation Masks where successfully launched. At this time, the only way to enhance hair colour was through pigmented shampoos, these Shade Variation Masks paved the way and were revolutionary in the hair care market. Christophe Robin wanted to introduce the idea of intense nourishment into these masks as they allow pigments to attach more seamlessly to healthy hair. The Shade Variation Masks deliver both pigmentation and nourishing actions to natural, coloured, highlighted or bleached hair. Available in five natural shades: Baby Blonde, Golden Blonde, Chic Copper, Warm Chestnut, and Ash Brown.

To celebrate the launch of these products, Christophe Robin and Spice PR invited us for a morning at the Beauty Bakery.
True to the French heritage of the brand, we were welcomed with delicious French pastries and nice coffee. The cafe Nous – Coffee Store, in Amsterdam, which was transformed into Christophe Robin’s Beauty Bakery, was decorated in violet tones and flowers – just in the spirit of the product. As I am blonde myself, I had the pleasure of getting an expert’s opinion and recommendations for properly taking care of my blonde. The morning at Christopher Robin’s Beauty Bakery truly was a wholesome start of the day. The introduction to the Shade Variation Baby Blond Products came perfectly in time to maintain my blond hair throughout the summer.

Everyone with blond har, natural or coloured, knows how hard it is to maintain a natural shade. The Shade Variation Mask Baby Blonde magically helps to revive its radiance and neutralise yellow or brassy tones. It also restores brightness to white and grey hair prone to yellowing. Now, Christophe Robin expands the Shade Variation Baby Blonde by adding a new dedicated daily routine for natural, coloured, bleached, or highlighted blonde hair. 

This new product line includes the Shade Variation Shampoo and a Conditioner with Florentina Iris. Gentle enough for frequent use, these two treatments help to preserve the beauty of blonde hair. Combined with the Shade Variation Mask Baby Blonde, recommended to be used for deeper care every 3 to 4 shampoos, this complete and new care package brings radiance to blonde hair, while neutralizing any unwanted tones. 

With the launch of these products, every blonde will now have a new shower routine. Starting with the new Shade Variation Shampoo with Florentina Iris, which nourishes while hydrating blonde hair, and is therefore ideal for daily treatment. The shampoo’s formula removes build-up and revives the brightness of a fresh blond. Ingredients like the Nectar of the gods – Buriti Oil and almond butter ensure hydration. The bottle of 250ml retails for 28€, find it HERE. The result of regular use is a radiant and luminous blond.

The second step of every blondes ritual, is now the new Baby Blonde Shade Variation Conditioner. The conditioner does not only nourish the hair, but also leaves illuminating results. The Shade Variation Conditioner with Florentina Iris is a rich conditioner that not only hydrates but also helps detangling and softening the hair while nutrolizing brassiness. The hair will feel stronger, looks healthier and revitalises to leave a beautiful, glossy fresh blond finish. 

As a natural blonde, I myself have to fight against brassiness and yellow tones in my hair, especially during the summer. I had the pleasure of already testing the products, and they not only feel like they fix the dryness of my hair and help with discoloration but also smell amazing.