“Coming back to Chloé feels very natural; almost like returning home for a new beginning.” says newly-appointed creative director Chemena Kamali.

For Chemena, this collection comes from a very personal, emotional connection to the house she loves, to a spirit she loves and for the women she loves. Chloé is about a feeling.

Dressing is a part of self-discovery: how we evolve as women in different stages of our life; how we continue to define and embrace who we are.

“I want to return to the original roots of the house and build a sensual Chloé that radiates with warmth and positivity. This collection goes back to the late 1970’s era of the house that I feel so connected to. A time that was about a natural femininity. Sensual, effortlessly powerful and free. The fluidity, motion, and movement of the Chloé silhouette is all about this freedom. I want to play with contrasting proportions in the silhouette, in an intuitive way. To embrace and capture the Chloé woman’s essence, and all the contradictions she embodies. This is what defines the Chloé attitude. I want to honour the forward-thinking spirit that Gaby Aghion pioneered when she founded the house more than 70 years ago. She wanted to liberate women and empower them to be daring and feel free.” – Chemena Kamali.

This collection is about intuition, freedom and an instinctive female energy. It’s about a Chloé with a sense of nostalgia that also mirrors the times we are living in and anticipates how women want to feel today. It’s about what feels right.

Chloé lets you be yourself; it doesn’t transform you. Follow your intuition.

“This show is dedicated to my Dad.” Chemena Kamali