World Vision Bangladesh, a leading child-friendly international development organization, is pleased to announce its three-year pilot project, ‘Children are Reading,’ aimed at enhancing the quality of education for the children of garment workers in the Tongi Municipality area of Gazipur, a key hub for the local textile industry. 

We are very proud to support the ‘Children are Reading’ project. Partnering with our suppliers and pioneering NGOs like OTB Foundation and World Vision to improve opportunities for everyone, at every stage in our value chain, is central to our ‘For Responsible Living’ strategy. The ‘Children are Reading’ project is a very tangible and inspiring example of the power of investing in education.

Renzo Rosso, Chairman of OTB Group and founder of Diesel

This groundbreaking project, generously funded by PADMA Textiles, Diesel, and the OTB Foundation, marks a significant milestone in improving the educational opportunities for the children of garment workers. World Vision Bangladesh is proud to lead this initiative, offering technical expertise and project implementation. 

It is a great pleasure to give back to the community we are a part of. We at PADMA are proud to team up with Diesel and OTB Foundation in funding this endeavor. Quality education is the basic right of every individual and hence we have identified this as a key sector that we want to keep working in. I hope the CAR project will go a long way in sustainably contributing in educating the children of our workers in the RMG sector and inspire others to take such initiatives.

Amanuallah Chagla, Director of PADMA Textiles Limited

The ‘Children are Reading’ is a flagship project of the Diesel For Responsible Living sustainability strategy, specifically within its Promote Integrity pillar. This also means seeking out partners who share the Diesel values and with whom the company can collaborate to improve livelihoods and establish safe and fair working conditions across the supply chain.

As the National Director of World Vision Bangladesh, I am immensely proud to unveil the ‘Children are Reading’ project in collaboration with Diesel, OTB Foundation, and PADMA Textiles. This initiative is not just an investment in education; it’s an investment in the future of Bangladesh. By focusing on the children of garment workers in Gazipur, we are reaching a community often overlooked, yet vital to our economy. The collaborative effort underscores our commitment to holistic development, ensuring that every child, irrespective of their background, has access to quality education. Our aim is to set these young minds on a path of lifelong learning, opening doors to opportunities they never thought possible. Together, we are building a foundation for a brighter, more equitable future for Bangladesh.

Suresh Bartlett, National Director, World Vision Bangladesh 

The ‘Children are Reading’ project focuses on encouraging children to enhance their reading and musical skills. It started in September 2023 and involves one hundred primary school children whose parents work at PADMA Textiles. This innovative project represents a unique collaborative effort among brands, buyers and a development organisation.