Chateau Amsterdam
Wine made in an urban environment with Europe as its backyard. By moving the grapes from the European countryside to Amsterdam North, they bring the production process closer to the people.

Chateau has placed itself in the middle of an arena dictated by dogmas, traditions and rules. They bring all kinds of grape varieties, countries and styles together under one roof. This allows them to be able to innovate and experiment with new flavors and experiences. The urban winery is an incubator of energy and brings people closer together and closer to the craft of winemaking.

What once began as an innocent project between father and son quickly became an adventure for many. Family Harrewijn (what’s in a name) always had a passion for wine but producing wine was more of a dream than reality until then. After the rise of urban breweries in Amsterdam, our capital city seemed the chosen place for an experiment in wine.
In 2017, their eye fell on a large empty factory hall in Amsterdam-North, overlooking the Ij. With innovation, sustainability and quality as core values, they started with a small-scale production of only 5,000 bottles. Now, 5 years on, they are on the eve of bottling 130,000 bottles.

Chateau wants to free the wine world from its dogmas and make the wonderful world of wine accessible to all. Chateau experiments and innovates with new flavors and experiences of wine. And the doors of the winery in the middle of the urban dynamics are wide open for everyone to learn about wine in an accessible and inspiring way. The company is working on more sustainable ways of transportation and working to add value to waste streams, such as with the circularly produced piquette or the ‘return bottle’ program. Chateau has the ambition to become B-corp certified within 2 years.