The performance jeans brand CHASIN’ has launched a new collaboration with sneaker brand NOVESTA. The two brands have joined forces to give a new twist to NOVESTA’s most iconic sneaker. The classic NOVESTA sneaker has been upgraded to a premium level of comfort and innovation. In the collaboration with NOVESTA, the authenticity of NOVESTA is combined with the modernity and innovation of CHASIN’.

To incorporate CHASIN’s DNA, the iconic NOVESTA sneaker has been upgraded from canvas to suede in the brand identity colors of CHASIN’. The color of the sole and stitching are executed in tobacco color, the color of denim stitching. The brands have added innovation and worked on ultra-comfort by upgrading the insole with perforated leather, a comfortable sole, a thicker tongue, and a canvas strap.

CHASIN’ and Novesta have designed a new collection of shoes together: the Resa Master and Resa Dribble. The new models are inspired by Novesta’s iconic models. The Resa Master is characterized by the classic thick sole and sturdy canvas. The model originated from a military sports shoe that was produced for half a century in Slovakia and had to combine comfort with tough determination. A perfect match with the performance jeans brand CHASIN’. The Resa Dribble is made of the finest natural rubber and canvas, and combines the iconic silhouette of the thick sole with the timeless shape of a basketball shoe.