In 2017, the story of Coco ‘Gabrielle’ Chanel immortalized into a brand-new perfume, embodied by notes of white flowers, citrus fruits and tubereux: ‘Gabrielle Chanel Eau de Parfum’. An Essence of the fragrance followed, accompanied by the addition of a refined bath and body line. Today, the story continues with the release of Gabrielle Chanel ‘Parfum’, an even more powerful celebration of what made the original Eau de Parfum so successful. Next to the key notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine and orange blossoms that are key to the Gabrielle collection, the new addition to the family sees an increase in it’s notes of tuberose, and the addition of vanilla extract and sandalwood, creating a familiar yet brand-new ensemble in the form of a pure Parfum.

“Revealed by the first solar accords of Gabrielle Chanel Eau de Parfum, then reaffirmed in the intensity of the voluptuous notes of Gabrielle Chanel Essence, the free and passionate spirit of Gabrielle Chanel is unveiled in a new, powerful and audacious interpretation: Gabrielle Chanel Parfum.

In 2022, the GABRIELLE CHANEL fragrance line reaffirms its exceptional character. All the flowers that made this perfume successful are reunited in this new creation. Notes of intense jasmine, dazzling, fruity ylang-ylang, fresh and sparkling orange blossom and spellbinding, enveloping tuberose are present. Gabrielle Chanel Parfum stands out thanks to its infinitely rich olfactory composition that instantly reveals its heart notes, directly, with no obstacle to expressing its fragrance trail. The tuberose, among the most fragrant flowers of the plant kingdom, reigns in an extraordinary proportion. Reinforced by vanilla extract and comforting sandalwood, the floral heart unfurls into a dense, harmonious and incredibly sensual fragrance trail. Presented in the same streamlined square bottle with beveled edges, Gabrielle Chanel Parfum emphasizes its singularity with a new, resolutely modern application technique. It is released thanks to a high-precision spray nozzle for precise and delicate application on the pulse points.

Gabrielle Chanel is a luminous and floral fragrance, for a solar interpretation. Gabrielle Chanel Essence is floral and warm, for a voluptuous interpretation. Gabrielle Chanel Parfum is the most precious of the three, for a rich and exceptional interpretation.”

Chanel and the brand new Gabrielle Chanel Parfum are available in Chanel boutiques, at selected retailers, and online on