Inez & Vinoodh direct model Rianne Van Rompaey in the campaign for the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2022/23 Ready-to-Wear collection by Virginie Viard. “We set out to bring the countryside, the Scottish landscape around the River Tweed, into city life,” explains the photography duo, guided by the contrast between “Gabrielle Chanel’s trips to the River Tweed area finding inspiration for her tweeds in nature, and living her life in Paris dressing women with tremendous freedom of movement and ease.”

This duality translates into two shoots. One is set outdoors, in colour, where nature, fog and mystery reign. The other is composed of black and white portraits shot in the studio, with more graphic forms and silhouettes suspended in equilibrium. “The garden shots bring the countryside into the city with an emphasis on a magical feminine atmosphere while the studio portraits take her out of the real world and focus on delicate expressions of the CHANEL allure.”

Rianne Van Rompaey interpretsthe different facets of tweed, the mix of autumnal colours and fuchsia, and dresses in a suit, an overcoat, a knitted outfit or a little leather dress with the same elegance. “Rianne is an eternal inspiration to us. She’s able to project and embody any character with grace and intelligence. We have a strong connection through our Dutch backgrounds and references from growing up in Holland.”

The CHANEL Fall-Winter 2022/23 Ready-to-Wear collection will be available in boutiques from September 13th , 2022.