CHANEL becomes a partner of the Rijksmuseum’s Women research project. The research project, which was launched in 2022, aims to permanently increase the visibility of women in the collection and presentation of the Rijksmuseum. Thanks to the collaboration with CHANEL, the Rijksmuseum will be able to appoint more researchers over the next three years to unlock more stories about women. In addition to research, it also facilitates presentations, an annual symposium and purchases of works by female artists.

Hendrikje Crebolder, Director of Development & Media, Rijksmuseum:

Thanks to CHANEL, we are getting closer to what we want to achieve with Women of the Rijksmuseum, permanently integrating women’s stories in the past, present and future. We are very grateful to CHANEL.

Yana Peel, Global Head of Arts & Culture, CHANEL:

CHANEL is delighted to participate in the research project Women of the Rijksmuseum. The aim of this project is to include more women in the museum’s famous permanent collection and to increase their visibility in future exhibitions. Since CHANEL has been fighting for women’s emancipation in art and life since its inception, we think it’s important that women get a place on the museum wall again. During our multi-year collaboration with the Rijksmuseum, we will put female stories in the spotlight, promote the representation of women artists and explore related issues at the museum. In this way we contribute to the positive impact of gender equality on the world.

1 year Women of the Rijksmuseum
The research project Women of the Rijksmuseum, which is on March 8, 2022 launched, aims at the female narrative in the collection and presentation to provide a more complete picture of history offer. A multidisciplinary team inventories, researches and presents stories of women in the collection and acquires new work. Since 2022, 2 researchers have been appointed, 17 paintings and 3 sculptures by added female artists to the permanent presentation and 3 organized exhibitions and presentations, namely Barbara Hepworth in the Rijksmuseum Gardens, Women on paper with more than 70 highlights from the print room (until 30 May) and Irma Boom: art + books (until 7 May). The Rijksmuseum has also been organizing the annual symposium since 2022 Women in the Museum around International Women’s Day.